NOTD: Essie’s Mint Candy Apple & Friends

A few weeks ago, I finally saw Essie’s Mint Candy Apple in person. I’m not sure if it hadn’t been available in Canada before but I certainly hadn’t seen it and believe me I looked. After seeing it for the past year on many blogs, I was so happy to finally find it. Once I picked it up, I wondered if it was too similar to China Glaze’s For Audrey. I also thought of Mac’s Peppermint Patti which I also have. Before I used it, I wondered if they were too similar.


You can see that in the bottles China Glaze’s For Audrey and Essie’s Mint Candy Apple look very similar.


So I came up with this cute NOTD using all three to compare them better.


Clearly, I had nothing to worry about. Although similar while in the bottle, For Audrey dries to a darker turquoise/teal where Essie’s Mint Candy Apple stays a bright light blue. I really loved how these three worked together. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I do my nails like this.

What’s your favourite nail polish at the moment?


NOTD: Suncoat Peelable in Mulberry


I received this bottle of Suncoat Peelable nail polish in a Glymm box last month. The photo is true to real life. I’m always a bit wary of peelable nail polish. I find that one little scrap can take the whole nail off. This wasn’t the case with Suncoat. In fact, I was able to have a shower & wash the dishes and keep the polish on.

Of course, it didn’t last for as long as non peelable polish but I really liked this formula. I would definitely pick up a few more colours if I had an idea where to find them. It would be great for the really dark shades like red that seem to dye the area around my nails when I try to take it off with remover. Something to think about if you’re like me and often plan your polish changes a few days in advance. It is definitely the best peelable polish I’ve ever tried.

According to their website, the polish is “Completely VOC free. Free of toulene, formaldehyde (no formaldehyde donors), acetates, acetone or any other chemical solvents.” This particular colour is vegan. Suncoat is a Canadian company and their cosmetics are cruelty-free.


What is your favourite polish at the moment?

NOTD: Revlon – Powder Puff

Hello hello!

In December’s Glossybox I received another nail polish.  Love that! I don’t even know the last time I purchased nail polish myself. December’s glossybox was a bit weird. There was some controversy about it on their Facebook page regarding old products. It should be interesting to see what comes this month. Anyway, I was really excited when I saw this colour because as much as I love having white nail polish, I really don’t like to buy it. You know, it’s a basic everyday and not all that fun. I like to spend my money on the fun polishes.


This colour isn’t exactly as I had imagined. It’s very pretty and sheer. There is some iridescence. The photo above is of two coats. You can still see the nail through but I really liked the way it looked. So even though it’s not the bright solid white I hoped for, I think it’s much more wearable and I’ll get a lot of use out it.  It is a matte shade but there is still some shimmer from the colour.

What is your favourite polish at the moment? What did you receive in your Glossybox last month?

My Favourite YouTube Glamour Go Tos!

Ho Ho Ho!

Today, my friends are holding their annual Christmas party. It’s always a really good time. When I’m getting ready, I love to look at YouTube videos for inspo. I wish this was possible when I was still hitting the bars every weekend. Remember having to try makeup looks using magazine tips? It was nearly always a disaster in my case. lol.

Here are some of my favourites:

For makeup:

I love Pixiwoo’s tutorials. Plus, if they use something other than MAC, they’ll mention a dupe from MAC that’s similar. Even if you don’t want to buy MAC at least you have the option of getting to the store to see the colour in person and see what you might have that’s similar. I’ve totally done this.

The best part of Rachel’s videos are that she uses a lot of drugstore brands and she’s Canadian so I know that I’ll be able to get these products as well.

For hair:

I found this channel while trying to find tips on Billie Piper’s makeup from The Secret Diary of A Call Girl. Love her tutorials! She makes everything look so achievable.

For nails:

She always makes things look so easy! Practice practice practice!!

What are some of your favourite youtube tutorial channels? Please share with me! I can use all the help I can get. 😉


NOTD: Nicole by OPI – Here We Kome a Karoling

Hello hello!

In November’s Glossybox I received a gorgeous jewel toned purple shade. It was great because even though I’m not really wanting to wear purple at the moment, I don’t have a shade like this. It’s very pretty.


I also decided to add some of Butter London’s The Black Knight on my tips and ring finger just because I never use The Black Knight. I’m not sure why. I really like it but I just always reach for something else.


What is your favourite polish at the moment?

Nail Polish Swap!!


I participated in my first blogger nail polish swap. I was paired up with Kisha from The Glamourous Life of a French Housewife. I was SPOILED! I felt a bit sheepish about what I had sent her in exchange.

nail polish swap

See what I mean? SPOILED! Here’s what I received in the swap:

Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money
Essie in Smokin’ Hot
Essie in Bordeaux
Cover Girl Outlast in Golden Opportunity
Sally Hansen Magnetic in Electric Emerald
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Tweed-Le Dee
Mini make up bag
Glass nail file

Here’s a NOTD of Essie’s Smokin’ Hot. The perfect dark plum/grey:
nailpolish swap 2

Thanks so much Kisha!!

See what I sent Kisha here!

Have you participated in any swaps lately? Aren’t they fun?!

NOTD: Zoya’s Emme

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick NOTD today. Look at this beautiful pink pearly polish I received in this month’s GlossyBox! I generally don’t wear pearly pink polish because it’s a bit Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club. Although, that’s often what I’m going for!

I really need a new camera.

Did you get a Zoya polish in your Glossy Box this month? What’s your favourite polish at the moment?

NOTD: Revlon Nail Art Neon in Electric Blue

Hi all,

Sorry for being so AWOL. Apparently, it takes a lot of time and energy to move across the city and repaint everything. What was I thinking? I saw this new Revlon Neon line at Shoppers this week and was really excited about it. I loved the concept of pairing white with a neon colour to make it pop.

I have to say I was a little disappointed with the consistency. It’s very streaky and thin. I’m thinking that I should have taken two coats of white so that the blue wouldn’t be as streaky but I’m not sure that’d really help.  Also, even though the white was completely dry when I started putting on the blue, I had to work really fast because the white was melting underneath and starting to blend with the blue. That only happened on the first nail so I just redid that one. Usually, you have some time to work with the polish to reduce the streaks but that didn’t happen here.

Overall, I love the colour and it worked out OK. It’s actually a lot brighter in person.