New Obsession : Silent Films


This weekend I’ve been focusing on writing an essay which is due tomorrow. Unfortunately, I’m very easily distracted. In researching this particular essay, I had the pleasure of doing something that’s been on my list for quite a while – watch a silent film.

Silent films are such a romantic idea for me. The silent film era stars like Mary Pickford & Theda Bara are all so dramatic and mysterious to me. I loved watching their Biographies on A&E when I was growing up. I feel like I know so much about them yet I had never seen any of there films. Fortunately, YouTube has many full length silent films online. How fantastic is that? Plus, I just downloaded the new YouTube app for Wii and it’s seriously amazing.

The film I watched was the 1914 version of Cinderella starring Mary Pickford.

What surprised me most about this film was how compelling it is. I thought I would be so bored without any music but I was completely on board with it. Also, liI was really impressed with some of the technical skills. The moments when the Fairy Godmother appeared were actually gradual. I had assumed that would only be accomplished by panning away or one of those instant boom appearances like in cartoons. It made me wish I was still enrolled in a film studies course.

Also, I’ve read recently that there is going to be a new Mary Pickford film released next year. I’m very excited about it. I love Hollywood movies about Hollywood. 🙂

Have you seen any silent films? What is your favourite?


Music Monday: Je T’aime Tant – Julie Delpy

Happy Monday! How was your weekend!? Great news! I won my splurge dinner party pot. Woo hoo! That’s $275 I have to splurge on condo decorating when I finally get possession in less than a month’s time. I’ve already been scouting through paint chips.

Paint chips

This weekend, my brother was in from Edmonton, plus Sunday was Father’s Day so LOTS of family time this weekend. I also finished two books: Paris in Love by Eloisa James (LOVE) and A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen, the second book in the series (LOVE).

Last week, rumours seem to have been confirmed that there’ll be a third movie in the Before Sunrise / Before Sunset series. This is VERY EXCITING news to me. I absolutely love those movies. If you haven’t seen them yet, you must! Pick a day that you can lounge in your pjs all day and obsess about the outcome of these movies because trust me you will. So romantic and perfect. The first movie is on youtube I see so no excuses!

So I’m including a song from the movie. There is another song from Before Sunset that’s perfect but it gives away too much of the plot if you haven’t seen the first one.

 How was your weekend?