Bride & Prejudice!

brideandprejudiceAs you may recall, this is the 200th anniversary of Pride & Prejudice and I’m participating in a year round challenge hosted by Austenprose.

For March, I watched Bride & Prejudice. This movie has been on my must see list since it was released. I can’t believe this was the first time I’ve actually seen it. I’m such a fan of Bend it Like Beckham that I knew I’d want to see everything from this director.

Bride & Prejudice takes the classic Jane Austen story and updated to modern day India. Lalita (the Elizabeth character) is attending a friend’s engagement party when she first meets her Mr. Darcy. He’s an American businessmess looking to open a hotel in India as the one he’s staying in is not up to snuff.

This movie excellently showcases all the major themes from the original novel with a new emphasis on classism. Mr. Darcy as a wealthy American considers his way of life superior than those in India because of his wealth and amenities. It leads to this interesting ourburst from Lalita which I loved.


I found the movie plot to be quite realistic. However, I didn’t really find Mr. Darcy very enticing. I’m not sure what Lalita really saw in him but I’m still glad they found each other. The one aspect of this movie that made it different then all other adaptations is the fact that it’s a BOLLYWOOD movie which means music and dancing!!


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Are you taking the Pride & Prejudice challenge? What are you reading at the moment? Have you seen Bride & Prejudice? Do you love it?

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New Obsession : Silent Films


This weekend I’ve been focusing on writing an essay which is due tomorrow. Unfortunately, I’m very easily distracted. In researching this particular essay, I had the pleasure of doing something that’s been on my list for quite a while – watch a silent film.

Silent films are such a romantic idea for me. The silent film era stars like Mary Pickford & Theda Bara are all so dramatic and mysterious to me. I loved watching their Biographies on A&E when I was growing up. I feel like I know so much about them yet I had never seen any of there films. Fortunately, YouTube has many full length silent films online. How fantastic is that? Plus, I just downloaded the new YouTube app for Wii and it’s seriously amazing.

The film I watched was the 1914 version of Cinderella starring Mary Pickford.

What surprised me most about this film was how compelling it is. I thought I would be so bored without any music but I was completely on board with it. Also, liI was really impressed with some of the technical skills. The moments when the Fairy Godmother appeared were actually gradual. I had assumed that would only be accomplished by panning away or one of those instant boom appearances like in cartoons. It made me wish I was still enrolled in a film studies course.

Also, I’ve read recently that there is going to be a new Mary Pickford film released next year. I’m very excited about it. I love Hollywood movies about Hollywood. 🙂

Have you seen any silent films? What is your favourite?

Pretty Tunes: Robbie Williams – Candy

Robbie is my absolute favourite! He’s one of the few music artists that gets me to HMV when his new album comes out. Of course, I could download it but for certain people I like the whole process of going to the store and picking it up. Plus I love liner notes.

Anyway, here’s his new single! I love a man in pink. 😉

Music Monday: Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush

Happy Monday! How was your weekend!? I finished wallpapering my living room on Saturday. It was the strangest thing. We started on Friday thinking it wouldn’t take that long but the seams weren’t sticking along the sides. Even Google was no help in that situation. I ended up contacting the manufacturer who put me in touch with someone in their testing department. They were very kind and went through it with us step by step but the side seams still weren`t staying down. In the end, I went to  Rona and picked up a gallon of wallpaper paste and just glued them down myself.

In the end, it worked out and when we stopped spending time trying the get the seams down, it went a lot quicker. Seriously though, has anyone experienced that before? All just a bit ridiculous plus it was fairly expensive wallpaper. Anyway, it’s up now and it’s all behind us.

As soon as I figure out the lighting situation here, (very limited natural light), I’ll post  some photos. The colours are just not showing up very accurately.

Today’s song is courtesy of Kate Bush. Loving that the new remix is charting in the UK. They did such a good job of it. Here’s the original video straight from the 80s.

How was your weekend? Any home decor dramas lately?

Music Monday: Rule The World – Take That

Happy Monday! How was your weekend!? I’m finally done moving!! It was so nice to sleep on something other than an air mattress for the first time in three weeks. lol. Over the past week, we finished our final event of the summer as well so I finally have some breathing room. It’s long over due. It’ll be nice to get back to normal.

Are you suffering from Olympics withdrawl? I don’t think I am. I didn’t really get into it as much as I do the winter games but it’s still so cool to see everyone come together. I’m still so proud of Canada’s Women Soccer team for getting the bronze. They were in last place after the World Cup. Not only that but the semi final game with the US got everyone talking here. The fact that Canadians were talking about soccer and women’s soccer at that, is a phenomenal achievement. Can’t wait for 2015!

Did you watch the closing ceremony? So many great moments! I was so thrilled to see George Michael back on stage. I’m such a big fan and I was so worried for him when he was ill last year. Other highlights for me included Eric Idle, Freddie Mercury and of course the Spice Girls. How could you not be happy when they’re zooming around on those cars? Fantastic! I was really delighted when Take That appeared singing Rule the World. It’s my all time favourite Take That song. It worked perfectly in the moment so it’s my Music Monday song. Big hugs to Gary. Don’t know why I’m surprised that he can show up and deliver such a flaw free performance considering the week he’s had. He never disappoints.

How was your weekend? What was your favourite Olympic moment? 

Music Monday: Je T’aime Tant – Julie Delpy

Happy Monday! How was your weekend!? Great news! I won my splurge dinner party pot. Woo hoo! That’s $275 I have to splurge on condo decorating when I finally get possession in less than a month’s time. I’ve already been scouting through paint chips.

Paint chips

This weekend, my brother was in from Edmonton, plus Sunday was Father’s Day so LOTS of family time this weekend. I also finished two books: Paris in Love by Eloisa James (LOVE) and A Royal Pain by Rhys Bowen, the second book in the series (LOVE).

Last week, rumours seem to have been confirmed that there’ll be a third movie in the Before Sunrise / Before Sunset series. This is VERY EXCITING news to me. I absolutely love those movies. If you haven’t seen them yet, you must! Pick a day that you can lounge in your pjs all day and obsess about the outcome of these movies because trust me you will. So romantic and perfect. The first movie is on youtube I see so no excuses!

So I’m including a song from the movie. There is another song from Before Sunset that’s perfect but it gives away too much of the plot if you haven’t seen the first one.

 How was your weekend?

Out & About: Blind Date at MTC

Hi all,

Tonight I went with my mom to see Blind Date, a play that’s currently running at MTC’s Warehouse theatre. It is super cute and really very funny. The premise is this: Mimi, a single girl is waiting for her blind date to show up. When he doesn’t, she scours the audience looking for a replacement blind date. The intro of the audience member to the play and to the audience is really well done. I have to admit, I did feel really anxious for the guy. He played his part really well! I thought it could’ve have ended earlier. It’s about 90 minutes with no intermission.
Photo credit: MTC

I don’t think you could really have an intermission for this kind of thing but I thought that the guy needed a break! Cutting it by 15-30 minutes would’ve kept it on a high. It was tremendously funny and the concept worked incredibly well. It’s only playing for a few more days, so if you have a chance, go check it out! I’m sure it’s different every night because there’d me a new “date” and a new way to flow the conversation. We really have to hand it to the guys who go oup there. It gets pretty randy up there but they (and their girlfriends!) are such good sports.

In other news, I won a sponsorship on Holly Knitlightly’s blog for the month of April. Yay! Holly has been gracious enough to allow me to do a giveaway of beauty products on her blog. Holly’s a ferocious knitter and is constantly knitting up blankets to donate. Such an inspiration! To enter the giveaway, click here.