February Seasonsbox!


Last month, I found out about Seasonsbox and immediately became obsessed. Seasonsbox is a bit different then other beauty boxes as it also includes items for the home. Since I purchased this condo, I’ve definitely become more interesting in home decor. It’s a lot more fun when you have more than a bedroom to decorate!

The other thing that’s different about Seasonsbox, is that they guarantee 3-4 full size products each month based around a specific theme. They’re also an eco-friendly and organic company. So, what was in the Seasonsbox?

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Dream Organics Rose Water (full size value – $22): I’ve been loving spritzing this on mid-afternoon or post workout. It’s smells so lovely.


Bambu Earth Sugar Cookie Body Glow (full size value – $18): I have not tried this yet but it smells incredible. I actually want to eat it. lol Also, I like how grainy it is. It’s actually quite dry but you can feel the oil in it.

From their website: Bambu Earth™ Products are: • Made with Organic Ingredients • Phthalate Free • Paraben Free • Sulfate Free • Preservative Free • No Synthetic Fragrances • No Synthetic Dyes • Sustainable Palm Oil • Never Tested on Animals

005 006

Kaia Naturals Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths (full size value – $17.99): I was excited to try these because they’re biodegradeable & cruelty-free. They smell like citrus which is so nice. I’m a bit cheap when it comes to makeup wipes. I use baby wipes (thanks Star Jones for the tip lol!) and so it’s good to compare to see if there is a difference. I haven’t used them long enough to figure that out yet.


Galerie Au Chocolat Fair Trade Bar (full size value-$5) : This is such a lovely treat! I love Belgian chocolate and I like how they included something edible in the box. I’ve been eating a square every so often and it’s very good.

Seasonsbox is a bit more expensive than regular beauty sample boxes (It’s $29.95 plus $5.95 for s&h) but for me personally, I think it’s worth it. I really don’t purchase a lot of beauty products outside of the boxes. I might spent $20 a month outside of the boxes on average. You also get to preview what’s coming in your box before you order it. If you’re interested, click here.

What do you think about this Seasonbox? Have you received one? If not, what’s your favourite beauty box?


Best of Beauty Boxes: June & July

Even though it’s been a few months, I finally finished trying a couple of products from June and July’s beauty boxes. Instead of just posting what I got in the boxes, I’m going to showcase my favourites.

June’s Glossybox was a bit disappointing. Even though it contained four full size products, everything in the box was a drugstore brand. Wow. That made me sound really snobby. lol Not that there aren’t some great drugstore brands, it’s just that I get the beauty boxes to introduce me to brands that are new to me. Anyway, the best part of this box was the full size Gillette Venus Embrace Razor ($13).

July’s Glossybox was an improvement and featured a full size Zoya nail polish in Shelby. It’s my first Zoya polish and I love it. I wore it a few times this summer. It’s the perfect hot pink!

Glymm’s July box (or should I say bag), had a couple of great products in it.

The La Fresh nail polish remover was FANTASTIC and the box contained two pads. As promised, one pad took all the polish off both hands. Just a note, that it removed a pale pink polish so I wonder if it would be different if it were dark polish. Has anyone tried it? What I also loved about it was the orange scent. It was a lot more pleasant than the typical chemical smell of regular nail polish remover. I would love to buy this but it’s a bit expensive. $9.99 for 20 pads. Not so bad but I wish they’d make it without the pads. I’d definitely buy. It’d be perfect for travelling which is what I’m saving the second pad.

My other favourite was Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream. It’s texture is smooth and feels like it’s thick and moisturizing but somehow spreads thin. This sample lasted TWO MONTHS!! It left my skin very soft and smooth. The only thing is it’s pretty expensive, $115 (50 mL) but it did last a long time so I would consider buying if it was on sale.

The great news is that all of these products are cruelty-free!

What’s your favourite product from a recent beauty box?

Pretty Things: My Second Eco-Emi box!

Hello lovelies!

Remember when I said here that I was only going to receive one Eco Emi box? Turns out I was going to get two! Whoop! I was really excited about this to be honest. It felt like a bonus.

1. Baby Me Goat Milk Soap by Alabu Skin Care
Sample size: .5 oz
Full size: 3.25 oz $5.15 US

Vegetarian soap with no artificial colours or preservatives. I’m looking forward to this. I feel like it’s going to be really luxurious.

2. Seaweed Body Wash in Eucalyptus and Peppermint by The Seaweed Bath Company.
Sample size: 1 packet (unspecified)
Full size: 12 fl oz $16.89 US

Sounds expensive for a body wash!

3. Tropical Lime Tea by Mate Factor Tea
Sample size: 1 tea bag
Full size: 20 tea bags $5.99 US

I’m intrigued about the lime, hisbiscus and green yerba mate. It’s a nice treat to get tea in a beauty box!

4. Whipped Shea Butter with Kalabari Melon Seed Oil by Shea Radiance
Sample size: no weight given
Full size:  5 oz $34.00 US
This is a really luscious product! The whipped consistency makes it feel so soft and smooth. However, because of the oil, you don’t need as much as you think. Smells lovely.

5. Organic Raw Fair Trade Honey by Wholesome Sweeteners
Sample size: 1.5 oz
Full size: 1 pack 16.00 oz $7.99 US

I’m not the biggest honey fan. It kind of freaks me out. lol.  I think it’s because I only eat it when I’m sick. Lovely gesture though.

6. Lip Shimmer in Plum by Burts Bees
Full size! $5.00 US
I’m not really a fan of Burt’s Bees but I know so many of you are. I’ll save this for a giveaway. 🙂

7. Natural Toothpaste by Dr. Collins
Sample size: .75oz
Full size: 4.2 oz $6.75 US

It smells really nice! I’m going to place in my travel bag with my biodegradable toothbrush I got from the last Eco-Emi box.

8. Bronzer in Golden by Laruen Brooke Cosmetiques
Full size! $12 US

Gorgeous gold colour! So pretty! Completely made my day. 🙂 I promise to take a swatch at some point. I forgot when I originally took these photos and the light isn’t working out to well for me.














Also included were these Enchanting Chai LIne Gourmet Enhancers, Finishing Sugars and Spiced Chocolates from Catalyst Gourmet.
It’s a bit weird to receive food that’s not individually wrapped like a granola bar or something. I’m intrigued by these and they smell lovely. I’ll for sure try the finish sugars ($6 for 2 oz; $15 for 6.5 oz) and the enhancers ($7 for .25 oz; $16 for 1.5 oz) but the chocolate  ($8.50 for 2.5 oz) kind of weirds me out. I have no idea why.

That’s it! Another terrific box from Eco-Emi! If it wasn’t so expensive to maintain, I would continue the membership. I really hope and environmentally friendly box comes to Canada. That would be terrific!!

Have you received an Eco Emi box or something similar? What did you think about it?

Pretty Things : April Glossybox!

Hello lovelies!

As previously mentioned, I’m so behind with these posts! But I thought it was worth sharing. From March’s Glossybox post, I thought I’d update you on what I tried out so far. The Algemarin Foam Bath was fabulous! I really loved how the mineral salts were used. The foam also turned the water a gorgeous bright blue which was unexpected but a lovely surprise. I’m such a 12 year old when it comes to things like that.

I’m also really loving my Bailey Cosmetics Kabuki Brush although its weird to use a brush with such a short handle. I’m really loving the Pandora’s blush as well.  🙂

On to April’s Box:

1. Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Shower Gel
Full size!!: 240 ml – $20
This smells lovely. It’s not like every other vanilla scent. It’s a little more spicy. Cruelty-free.

2. Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara
Full size!! $12.50
I was going to take a photo of the close up on the brush because I think that’s where this flops for me. I never have any luck with mascaras that have more of a comb than a brush. I think my lashes are too thin to handle putting so much on at once. They look like they’re soaking wet so it becomes a bit of a pain trying to thin them out. I think I like the formula of the mascara though. It’s the brush that doesn’t work for me. Cruelty-free.

3. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
Full size! $22.99
Woop! Another full size product! We’re spoiled! I’m generally not a fan of Aveeno products. They tend to irritate my skin so I think I’ll just save this for a future giveaway. 🙂

4. Wella Brilliance Conditioner & Treatment
Sample size Conditioner: 30 ml
Full size Conditioner: 250 ml / $13.99

Sample size Treatment : 25 mL
Full size Treatment: 150 mL $13.99

The conditioner & treatment smell nice but like any other conditioner (hope I’m not the only one who picks their hair products on scent!). The treatment is quite thick and I imagine would be great to leave in while you were soaking in the bath.

So that’s it! Glossybox is still my favourite box each month. Three FULL SIZE products! Can you believe it? I love receiving the box and feeling that it’s quite heavy. I also really like the boxes they come in. They’re very sturdy (in comparison to other boxes) and I know that they’ll last a long time.

What did you think of April’s Glossybox or May’s for that matter?  Did you get anything different in yours?

Pretty Things: April Luxe Box!

April was my last Luxe Box. I was unsure about cancelling it at first but when I received this final box I knew I had made the right decision. Let’s discuss. Yes, this is a month late.

Also, as a follow up to March’s Luxe Box post, I’m completely loving the Laura Mercier Hydrating Fluid. It’s a great moisturizer to use post shower and it doesn’t even feel like a moisturizer but my skin is so soft after I use it. I still have some of my sample left so I’m actually tempted to by the full size bottle because I know it’ll last. I also really like the Cheeky Monkey nail polish (I Like it On Top) I received maybe even better than my standard OPI top coat. Will definitely buy that brand again although I’m unsure of where to get it in Winnipeg.

First thing, For April (sooo behind on these!), Luxebox sent out an email asking if we’d like to donate an item back to the Canadian Cancer Society. Absolutely I did. Such a fabulous idea and a great cross marketing idea from Luxebox and CCS.

Up to the products:
1. Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner
Sample size: 5o mL
Full size: 375 mL ($6)
Really? I feel like such a snob for saying this but Pantene isn’t really a luxe brand in my eyes. This real sealed the deal for me in my eyes. However, I know a lot of people swear by Pantene. Not cruelty-free.

2. Bobos Remi Leave in Conditioner
Sample size: 2.7 fl. oz
Full size: 10 fl oz. ($10)
This is a pretty large sample! I can’t find anything about the company on their website so I’m unsure if they’re cruelty-free. The product has a very strong hairspray like smell to it. Interesting as usually leave in conditioners have a prettier smell.  

3. Cargo Eye Pencil
Full size!!! ($14)
Loved this! I love how soft the pencil is. I’m having problems with figuring it out at the moment because I typcially use gel liner so the pencil is smearing a bit. I think I just need to make sure and use a primer before hand. I love how smooth this goes on. Loved that I received in in the box! I don’t have a lot of Cargo products but I should change that! They’re a great cruelty-free Canadian company!

Overall: I think it was an ok box. There was nothing in it that completely offended me but there was also nothing that made me want to continue to subscribe. I just know when I check out the May luxe boxes I will so regret cancelling my subscription!!

Do you subscribe to Luxebox? What did you get in yours? Which is your favourite beauty box?

Pretty Things : My First Glossybox!

Hello lovelies!

Of all the beauty boxes I’ve seen online, Glossybox was the one I coveted the most. Once I realized it was available in Canada, I had to sign up right away which naturally left me on the wait list. Well, the wait is over!

Upon first impressions, the box was quite heavy. Before I even opened it, I had felt I had received my fair share. There are a ton of photos online of Glossybox packaging so I won’t include it here. It’s really a pretty box to receive and I’m trying to think of something I can use it for. The one thing I must mention is that it came quite late in the month, practically in April.

On with the show:

1. Algemarin Foam Bath
Sample size: 15 ml
Full size: 5×5 ml – $3.99 ; 500 ml – $17.99
This was considered an “extra” on the product card.  You can really see it in the above photo but it’s a little packet of bubble bath. I can’t to try it. It says that it’s made from “extracts of seaweed, algae and mineral salts which give the body a tonal quality that previously was only obtainable from hydrotherapy or sea bathing.” I really only understood half of that. lol. Cruelty-free.

2. Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray
Sample size: 43 g
Full size: $19.95
I really don’t use hairspray at all although this would be nice for a night out. I really don’t like using anything that comes in that kind of metallic can. I only have two products that come in a can like that. One is hair spray I bought in 2008 (I remember because it was for an 80s themed retro party, naturally) and an Aldo shoe protector that I had longer than that. It’s just not my thing and I’d probably never get around to using it. Cruelty-free.

3. Bailey Cosmetics Kabuki Brush
Full size! $40.00
Now this was a big one! A Kabuki Brush! I was thrilled and then I was scared. Where  did it come from? How did they get this hair? My second though was, does this have something to do with Canadian designer Brian Bailey?? Yes it does. I was also relieved to read this on their website which mentions their policies. Although not everyone believes in natural hair for make up brushes, it is from a sheared goat (meaning no animal was killed) so it would be the same as wool, etc. This actually made me want to purchase more through their website. I like their policy, I like that it’s a Canadian company and I like the esthetic.

4. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray
Sample size: 50 ml / $7
Full size: 150 ml / $12.50
Here we go with this bottle again! I’ve seen this product around for years but I’ve never tried it. It just seems strange to pay that much for mist. However, I think this would be perfect for my gym bag so I’ll use it. I just wish I had somewhere locally to recycle the aluminum. Any Winnipeggers have any ideas? I don’t think they can go in our blue boxes. Maybe I should just call the city?

5. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Sample size: 71 ml
Full size: 354 ml
This is actually a really nice size. Perfect for the purse! I haven’t had any luck with Aveeno products in the past. I think I have a reaction to the oatmeal. Plus, it isn’t cruelty-free. However, this will make a perfect gift for someone. I think my Dad likes Aveeno.

6. Pandora’s Blush in St. Tropez
Full size! $18
Another full size product! We’re so spoiled! I told you it was a good box this month! Pandora is a Canadian company and it’s always nice to hear about these things. The packaging is a bit juvenile for me. However, I do love how you can slip the pan right out of the case to put into a palette. Sometimes, it’s so hard to get a pan out it’s not even worth the trouble.

Here’s a photo of the colour up close. It’s actually a bit more bronzier than how it’s coming across there.

So that’s it! Currently, Glossybox is winning the beauty box competition. one is going to have to go this month – like Survivor!

What did you think of March’s Glossybox?  Did you get anything different in yours?

Pretty Things: March Glymm Box!

I received my March Glymm box over a week ago. It arrived really fast this month which was unexpected but appreciated! I thought I wouldn’t post such detailed photos this time around because you can find them on many other blogs.

Here are the contents:

From top clockwise:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrafull Gloss
Sample size: 1 ml
Full size: 2.2 ml // $27.00
I would never buy a $27 lip gloss (at least I don’t think so). However, it’s a great colour and cruelty free. Who knows? Maybe I’ll really love it and want to pick up the full size. It should be mentioned that Glymm included a card to get a free Hydrafull Gloss with the purchase of two full size Anastasia products. If you already use Anastasia products (or are planning to), this would be an incredible deal.

Burt Bees Hand Lotion: This is not on the card so I’m assuming it’s a filler. It’s still nice to have and I’ll include them in my travel bag. My skin is always so dry when I stay in hotels.

Nu-Me Feather Hair Extentions
Full size!! Usually $25.
I really wouldn’t purchase these but I might have tried them out if they were in a different colour.

Ocean Nail Polish in Be Bold
Full size!! Usually $12
I’m such a fan of receiving full size nail polishes! It really makes my day. This is a great colour but it’s a bit dark for spring / summer. I would’ve preferred another colour but I know I will use it. In fact, I’ve already put it on my toes. Unfortunately, I can’t find out more about this brand online. I’m not sure if it’s cruelty free or 3-free. It says it doesn’t contain harmful toxins on the Glymm card but that’s a bit vague.

Just so you know it was -2C when I took this photo yesterday. It’s gotten a bit colder lately but I don’t care. As soon as I transition to flip flops, it’ll take a full on blizzard to get them off my feet. This is only one coat and I’ve had it on for a week. Sorry for the scruffy finish. I think two coats might make it a bit dark.

Finally, I forgot to add to add this item in the original photo:

M. Asam Magic Fini
Sample size: 5 ml
Full size: 30 ml  // $38


This product is meant to conceal your uneven skin tone. I haven’t tried it yet because it looks incredibly dark for me. I’m a MAC NC100 which they don’t even make anymore. lol. I’m not sure if it’ll blend in but I don’t see a specific colour on it (or online) so it could be a one size fits all situation. I can’t find out if it’s cruelty-free which most likely means it isn’t so I won’t be purchasing this in the future.

That’s it for this month’s Glymm. I was not disappointed in the box. I thought it was a good value again this month. I was hoping that one of the boxes would drop the ball so it’d be easier to drop one. I think I’ll just have to think a bit longer on it. If you’re interested in signing up for Glymm yourself, please use my referral code.

Please link me to your Glymm box reviews or let me know what you got in yours. xx