Pretty Things: Happy Birthday Glossybox


Yesterday, I received my last Glossybox. It’s in celebration of their one year anniversary in Canada. It’s such a great box that I had to share it. I really love Glossybox. I’ve had a subscription for nearly a year and I wanted to try the new SeasonsBox. In a few months, who knows? I might resubscribe.

Here’s what I received:004
I love the normal pale pink boxes that Glossybox comes in. However, I love receiving this box. It’s very cute.
Clockwise from top left:
1. Anatomicals : You Need a Blooming Shower! – FULL SIZE!
Rose & Jasmine Body Cleanser – smells gorgeous!

2. Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Eucalyptus & Sage Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy Sachet

3. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – Ultra – FULL SIZE!

4. Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in Vamp it Up  – FULL SIZE! 
Not sure about these colours. I have a couple of them and they’re more like fall colours in my mind but I loved getting it!

5. Givenchy Gloss Interdit No. 3 Coral Frenzy (3.5 mL)
I think this is the most luxe product I received from Glossybox so I was very excited!!008 009
6. Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment This is exactly what I’ve needed! I think that since we’re getting closer to spring (pleeassee!!), I’m started to notice that my hair is getting a bit dry. I’m very excited to try this.

7. Eucerin Hyal-Urea Anti-Wrinkle Day / Night Cream Sachet Duo Not really into this. I really don’t like using anything with urea.

8. Glossybox Cupcake Kit Seriously? How cute is this!? I will definitely be making cupcakes in the near future!

As far as I know, everything (except for the Eucerin sample) is cruelty-free. 🙂

I have enjoyed receiving Glossybox. Although the products included are mostly drugstore products, there are usually 2-3 full size products. Did you get anything different in your Glossybox? Let me know!


January’s Music Mix!

Hi all!

I hope you’ve all had a great week. My highlight was definitely seeing Les Mis in the theatre even though it left me feeling mopey for the rest of the night. No word of a lie, I was one step away from this:

Anyway, I’ve decided to retire Music Mondays mostly because the songs I loved at the moment didn’t always have videos and it just was becoming a bit of a chore. Instead, I’m going to arrange some of my favourites by monthly. I don’t about you but in January I’m always feeling very mellow and melancholy. I think it might have something with the cold. Seriously, it’s been -30C with the wind all week.
Hope you enjoy it!

What song are you loving at the moment?

Music Monday : Merry Xmas Everybody – Slade

Hi lovelies!

How was your weekend? It was sooooo cold here. With the wind, it headed to about -34C or so. However, I was still able to get out for brunch with my friends on Saturday.

Funny enough, I haven’t been in the Christmas mood at all. Usually once we have some snow and it’s cold, I’m good to go. I’ve usually started baking as well. I just haven’t been all that excited about it. At least until I heard this song yesterday. It just made me so happy! It wasn’t the first holiday song I heard this year, but it’s the one that got me in the Christmas mood!

Now let’s get started on the gingerbread!

What did you get up to this weekend? What song puts you in the holiday spirit?

Pretty Tunes: Anjulie – You & I

Hi lovelies!

Happy hump day! I really can’t believe it’s Wednesday. I have no idea what I’ve done this week. lol. I’m completely obsessed with this latest single from Anjulie. I got so excited when I’d hear it on the radio that I downloaded it after the second time I heard it. The video just got released yesterday.

How gorgeous is her video boyfriend?

What song are you loving at the moment?

Ready for the Weekend : October 19th Edition!

Happy Friday!

How has your week been? Mine was ok. Actually I had a really quiet night last night and caught up on Emmerdale. It’s their 40th anniversary this week. I love when soaps have epic weeks. They’re always good value. I’ve seen quite a few live soap episodes but I have to say theirs was particularly seamless. I think I’ll miss Carl King and his lime green golf shirt. You know the one I mean. I wish they would’ve gotten rid of Cameron instead. He’s the worst.

Here’s what I’m up to this weekend:

1. Listening to the latest Girls Aloud single. I can’t get enough of it!

2.  Checking out the Haunted Barn at Six Pines. Yikes!
3.  Hitting up The Scattered Seeds Craft Show.
I always forget about it but I’m so glad I live so close to it now. It makes it easier to get to.

4.  Watching Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix.
I can’t stop watching. Only people who’ve never worked in a restaurant before would think it was a good idea to open a restaurant with no experience. I worked in restaurants for over 10 years. Still gives me nightmares.
5. Catching up on Call the Midwife.
One of the best shows EVER.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Music Monday : Shawn Desman – Nobody Does It Like You

Hi lovelies!

How was your weekend? I have to admit that I have been marathoning Drop Dead Diva on Netflix – LOVE!

I can’t believe how much cooler the weather is lately. I’m kind of loving it. I’m also loving the fact that I took this week off. My holidays have finally arrived even though I’m not really going anywhere. lol However, I hope to get a lot of home decorating done. I think the painting will go by a lot faster when it’s 18C instead of 40C.

This week’s Music Monday comes from Shawn Desman. Everytime it comes on the radio, I start singing along and then it gets stuck in my head. It’s so catchy! Hooray for CanCon!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Pretty Tunes: Robbie Williams – Candy

Robbie is my absolute favourite! He’s one of the few music artists that gets me to HMV when his new album comes out. Of course, I could download it but for certain people I like the whole process of going to the store and picking it up. Plus I love liner notes.

Anyway, here’s his new single! I love a man in pink. 😉

Music Monday: Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush

Happy Monday! How was your weekend!? I finished wallpapering my living room on Saturday. It was the strangest thing. We started on Friday thinking it wouldn’t take that long but the seams weren’t sticking along the sides. Even Google was no help in that situation. I ended up contacting the manufacturer who put me in touch with someone in their testing department. They were very kind and went through it with us step by step but the side seams still weren`t staying down. In the end, I went to  Rona and picked up a gallon of wallpaper paste and just glued them down myself.

In the end, it worked out and when we stopped spending time trying the get the seams down, it went a lot quicker. Seriously though, has anyone experienced that before? All just a bit ridiculous plus it was fairly expensive wallpaper. Anyway, it’s up now and it’s all behind us.

As soon as I figure out the lighting situation here, (very limited natural light), I’ll post  some photos. The colours are just not showing up very accurately.

Today’s song is courtesy of Kate Bush. Loving that the new remix is charting in the UK. They did such a good job of it. Here’s the original video straight from the 80s.

How was your weekend? Any home decor dramas lately?

Music Monday: Rule The World – Take That

Happy Monday! How was your weekend!? I’m finally done moving!! It was so nice to sleep on something other than an air mattress for the first time in three weeks. lol. Over the past week, we finished our final event of the summer as well so I finally have some breathing room. It’s long over due. It’ll be nice to get back to normal.

Are you suffering from Olympics withdrawl? I don’t think I am. I didn’t really get into it as much as I do the winter games but it’s still so cool to see everyone come together. I’m still so proud of Canada’s Women Soccer team for getting the bronze. They were in last place after the World Cup. Not only that but the semi final game with the US got everyone talking here. The fact that Canadians were talking about soccer and women’s soccer at that, is a phenomenal achievement. Can’t wait for 2015!

Did you watch the closing ceremony? So many great moments! I was so thrilled to see George Michael back on stage. I’m such a big fan and I was so worried for him when he was ill last year. Other highlights for me included Eric Idle, Freddie Mercury and of course the Spice Girls. How could you not be happy when they’re zooming around on those cars? Fantastic! I was really delighted when Take That appeared singing Rule the World. It’s my all time favourite Take That song. It worked perfectly in the moment so it’s my Music Monday song. Big hugs to Gary. Don’t know why I’m surprised that he can show up and deliver such a flaw free performance considering the week he’s had. He never disappoints.

How was your weekend? What was your favourite Olympic moment? 

Ready for the Weekend: July 13 Edition

UntitledThe Keys to My New Condo! 

Happy Friday!

This has been such an exhausting week for me. On Monday, I got home from our family reunion in Saskatchewan. It was also my birthday! On Tuesday, I started to get quite sick and I’m still not feeling up to snuff. I feel so behind on the moving process! So much to do before Monday! Fortunately, I was able to pull myself together to get to the lawyer’s office and sign some papers on Wednesday and pick up my keys today. I STILL HAVEN’T PACKED A THING! So that’s what I’m up to this weekend….packing, packing, packing.

Did I mention that it’s been in the mid 30Cs all week? SO HOT! I need a slurpee.

What are you up to this weekend?