Later 2012!

Hello! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve! I can hardly believe that it’s 2013! Isn’t that what we say pretty much every year? I’ve spent the past hour or so looking through old photographs online of New Year’s Eve. I love how time makes everything look so much nicer. I guess that’s why we love Instagram!

nyec1920 (2)

I have a tendancy to glamorize certain time periods especially the 1920s thinking that I wish I had lived during that time. Although given the choice I don’t think I’d trade. A modern woman has much more freedom.

New Year’s Eve always reminds me of champagne and whenever I think of champagne, I think of Gigi.

One of my all time favourite musicals. You should watch it. I promise you’ll love it! Let’s just say that I bought it accidentally in a three pack with Singin in the Rain & My Fair Lady, two of my all time favourites. It’s now my favourite of the three.

Happy New Year!

What are your favourite movie musicals? Please give me some tips I love discovering new ones. x

2 thoughts on “Later 2012!

  1. Happy new year, lovely! I’ve honestly never seen Gigi, but I’m a huge fan of musicals. It’s been on my list for ages (especially when I learned that Audrey Hepburn’s performance in the stage show was essentially what launched her career!). I love Singin’ in the Rain, it may have been the first musical I saw, and of course My Fair Lady. Also Guys & Dolls. And a great favorite is Bells are Ringing, with Dean Martin and Judy Holliday. It’s hilarious, very silly but also quite charming, and the music is wonderful. When my sister and I were young our dad would go down to the movie rental store every Saturday morning to get it for us and we’d watch it all weekend. It got to be routine. (:

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