Pretty Things: Retro Dining Table & Chairs

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to find a retro chrome table (preferably in red) around town. On Sunday, I found these on kijiji! The table is grey and the chairs are red but I still think it’s perfect for my dining area.


Awesome, isn’t it? I was so excited when I went to pick them up because I loved them in person even more than I thought I would. They also go perfect with my poppy wallpaper.

Here’s a close up of the table top:


Once I finally paint my kitchen cherry red, it’s really going to pull everything together. I already love the pop of colour that the chairs bring.

Everything together came to $125. You just can’t beat that. For the locals, these were picked up at the Candle Co. Antiques in West St. Paul.

Have you found any thrifting treasures lately?

11 thoughts on “Pretty Things: Retro Dining Table & Chairs

  1. I have a red retro table too! I have had it less than a year.. while I love it my husband doesn’t like it so much but the white top works so good with taking blog pictures!! I love it and you found a great deal too! Me not so much but it looks great in my kitchen! =) Its also nice that you can clean the chairs really easy!

  2. When moving into this appartment I was really hoping to find a retro table and chairs to go with it like that! :/ now i’ve settled for a white wooden Ikea table, but with retro accessories. Yours looks great!

  3. I can’t believe that set was $125. I love how character vintage items are cheaper than new! the red chairs look AMAZING with the b/w wall paper. Absolutely lovely kitchen:)

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