Winter is Coming…

Well, they’ve forecasted that we’ll receive 20 cm of snow over the next day or so. It looks like it’s going to stay this time. 😦

To be honest, our city does such a fantastic job of clearing snow that I’ve only ever had two snow days in my life. Trust me, Winnipeggers get a lot of snow! However, if I don’t absolutely have to leave the house, I’d rather stay in until the roads are all clear and the sun is shining.

Here’s what I have prepared for the event of a snow in:

– Watching movies from the library: Why haven’t I ever thought of this before? I knew the library had DVDs but I didn’t realize how current the selection was. This is so great since I don’t have cable and there’s rental places around here anymore.

– Reading JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy: This month’s book club pick.

– Knitting my Winterfell scarf: Inspired by the patterns here and here. I’m such a Song of Ice and Fire geek I don’t even care.

– Studying Fairy Tales : presentation during Monday’s class!

How would you spend your day if you were snowed in?


14 thoughts on “Winter is Coming…

  1. I’ve got to take up knitting…and I love using the library for books, music, and dvds (especially workout dvds, I know they’d be a waste of actual money for as much as they get used) πŸ˜‰

  2. Best of luck with the snow, seems like you have it all figured out! I’d definitely catch up on reading blogs/books and attempt to start some knitting projects.

  3. Looks like you have a nice little set up for if that snow comes! I’ve been wanting to read Rowling’s new book, I’m going to have to get a copy and start it here soon!

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