5 Minute Fix : Futon

Hello Hello!

As you know, I moved into a condo this summer. It has to be said that all the decorating is taking waaaayyyy longer than I originally anticipated. I think when creating my critical path for home decor, I forgot to include things like breaks and recovery from exhaustion. lol.

I was very lucky that my parents bought me a new bed to celebrate purchasing my new home. It really couldn’t come soon enough! After 4 years, my futon was turning back to a full-time couch instead of a full-time bed.

However, once all the blankets and pillows were taken off, I realized that the futon was not that cute. It really didn’t go with newly painted and wallpapered living room.

It’s the worst right? It just looks sad. Originally, I thought I would purchase a new cover or knit a big blanket or something. After a couple of weeks of staring at it, I came up with an idea. A quick temporary fix to make it a bit more chic.

I decided to purchase a plain black fitted sheet. I thought it would at least mke the room more cohesive.

It turned out better than I thought. Even though black is so much darker than the maroon mattress cover, adding the black sheet seems to have brightened things up. It’s still really only a temporary solution since the back is not covered but as long as it’s against the wall, who’s going to care?

What do you think? What’s your best 5 minute home decor tip?

6 thoughts on “5 Minute Fix : Futon

  1. What a brilliant idea!
    I can’t quite filly see the wallpaper but still from what I cán see it looks really pretty!
    I just stumpled upon your blog, you’ve got a new reader 🙂 x

  2. it looks like you are decoration your place so so nice! The black does make it look more sleek. Totally random but since I know know we live so close if you ever want to grab a coffee some time just let me know:)

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