Current Crush Thursday: Retro Red Kitchens

Current Crush Thursdays

Current Crush has been happening over at Framed Frosting where every week bloggers share what they’re loving at the moment. This month, you can link up at The Wright Stuff. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to join in for the past few weeks and I’ve really missed it!

One of my all time decor crushes is cherry red kitchens. I thought this was common but in my inner circle, it seems that I’m on my own. I discovered this when I’d mention which colour I was painting my kitchen only to hear the reply, “red?! You’re painting it RED?!” My lovely Grandmother was postively scandalized! Regardless, my kitchen will be painted red and it will be gorgeous. Here is my inspo, or pinspo as it were:

Check out this fabulous formica & chrome kitchen table. I’ve been searching for one for months. It’ll turn up eventually.



This one is turquoise with red accents. This is my ultimate pinspo as it reminds me how great those two colours go together. Since my kitchen looks into the living room which is turquoise it shows me how great my red kitchen will look next to it.


What are you crushing on at the moment?


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