Best of Beauty Boxes: June & July

Even though it’s been a few months, I finally finished trying a couple of products from June and July’s beauty boxes. Instead of just posting what I got in the boxes, I’m going to showcase my favourites.

June’s Glossybox was a bit disappointing. Even though it contained four full size products, everything in the box was a drugstore brand. Wow. That made me sound really snobby. lol Not that there aren’t some great drugstore brands, it’s just that I get the beauty boxes to introduce me to brands that are new to me. Anyway, the best part of this box was the full size Gillette Venus Embrace Razor ($13).

July’s Glossybox was an improvement and featured a full size Zoya nail polish in Shelby. It’s my first Zoya polish and I love it. I wore it a few times this summer. It’s the perfect hot pink!

Glymm’s July box (or should I say bag), had a couple of great products in it.

The La Fresh nail polish remover was FANTASTIC and the box contained two pads. As promised, one pad took all the polish off both hands. Just a note, that it removed a pale pink polish so I wonder if it would be different if it were dark polish. Has anyone tried it? What I also loved about it was the orange scent. It was a lot more pleasant than the typical chemical smell of regular nail polish remover. I would love to buy this but it’s a bit expensive. $9.99 for 20 pads. Not so bad but I wish they’d make it without the pads. I’d definitely buy. It’d be perfect for travelling which is what I’m saving the second pad.

My other favourite was Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream. It’s texture is smooth and feels like it’s thick and moisturizing but somehow spreads thin. This sample lasted TWO MONTHS!! It left my skin very soft and smooth. The only thing is it’s pretty expensive, $115 (50 mL) but it did last a long time so I would consider buying if it was on sale.

The great news is that all of these products are cruelty-free!

What’s your favourite product from a recent beauty box?

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