Out & About : Toronto!

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you’ve enjoyed your long weekend. I spent this weekend recovering from the last week in Toronto.  Even though I’ve been back since late Wednesday, it seems I needed a few days to just sleep. I think my feet have recovered from all the pavement pounding by this point.

Last Friday morning, I flew into Toronto to enjoy the weekend by myself before a work conference. I love Toronto! I know it’s kind of frowned upon for anyone to say they like Toronto (at least in Western Canada) but I love any chance to hang out there for a few days. Due to a last minute error with hotel reservations (LONG STORY), I found myself the night before my flight with nowhere to stay.  That’s how I ended up in Scarborough two hours after I landed via bus, train, train and bus.

I’ve found myself in some hairy situations while travelling but being in Scarborough is not one of them. I loved the reactions of some of my Toronto based colleagues when they found out though. They acted as though it was the most dangerous place to be (even though some live there). It was well worth the trek out there just for their reactions alone.

After I checked in, I boarded the bus again to head back downtown to the Art Gallery of Ontario. The AGO has been on my list to hit up every time I’ve travelled annually to Toronto. For some reason or another, I can never get down there. I’m still kicking myself for missing last year’s MoMA exhibit. This time around, it was the final weekend of their Picasso exhibit. There was no way I was missing that.


Unfortunately, attending the exhibit a few days before it closes made it really crowded and busy. I can’t imagine how much worse it would’ve been on Saturday. It was definitely worth going to and I feel like I learned a lot. My only regret is that the rest of the gallery was closed by the time I finished the Picasso exhibit. I was trying to check out the Group of Seven but didn’t get very far. 😦 Another reason to return in the future.

Day 2

My plan for Saturday was to hit up Kensington Market. I hadn’t been there for a couple of years and I love checking everything out.


I really didn’t find a lot but I had a gorgeous brunch at Kensington Cornerstone. I’m a sucker for anywhere that says they’re serving fresh squeezed lemonade. I had their poached eggs with brie and hollandaise. Soooo good. Why they don’t just call it eggs benedict is beyond me.


After this, I headed down to Queen St. W and found this cute wallet at Cards & Presents. I always seem to pop into this store when I’m nearby and was so happy to find a wallet. It’s so hard to find a wallet you like, you know?

They also had a soft grey one as well but since my last wallet was a neutral, hot pink was destined to win.

Day 3

On Sunday, I was only going to have a bit of time as I’d have to check in for our conference around 4 pm. So I decided to head to Leslieville. I had never been before so I was really excited to find something new. I always tend to head to Queen St. W in Toronto because it’s where I know but sometimes you have to check out other places. Can I just say that I love Leslieville!? I wish I had more time (and that it wasn’t so hot) to check things out.

Outside of the Arts Market, I fell in love with these chairs. Honestly, they’d be perfect for my soon to be dining room.

I bought some wool (it had to be done!) at The Purple Purl, (love it when wool stores have customers knitting away when you visit), and picked up some macarons (and homemade pink lemonade) at Bobbette & Belle. I’d love to live at Bobbette & Belle. It’s my dream aesthetic with candy as an added bonus. Finally, I also stopped by Tango Palace Coffee Company for (you guessed it), fresh squeezed lemonade and a shortbread cookie. I love the atmosphere at Tango and I could definitely see that this would be where I’d hang out if I lived in the area. So relaxing and cozy.


So that’s it! By the time the conference started I could barely walk thanks to running all over the place. Where are some of your favourite bits of Toronto? Let me know and I’ll start a list for my next visit. 🙂

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