Music Monday: Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush

Happy Monday! How was your weekend!? I finished wallpapering my living room on Saturday. It was the strangest thing. We started on Friday thinking it wouldn’t take that long but the seams weren’t sticking along the sides. Even Google was no help in that situation. I ended up contacting the manufacturer who put me in touch with someone in their testing department. They were very kind and went through it with us step by step but the side seams still weren`t staying down. In the end, I went to  Rona and picked up a gallon of wallpaper paste and just glued them down myself.

In the end, it worked out and when we stopped spending time trying the get the seams down, it went a lot quicker. Seriously though, has anyone experienced that before? All just a bit ridiculous plus it was fairly expensive wallpaper. Anyway, it’s up now and it’s all behind us.

As soon as I figure out the lighting situation here, (very limited natural light), I’ll post  some photos. The colours are just not showing up very accurately.

Today’s song is courtesy of Kate Bush. Loving that the new remix is charting in the UK. They did such a good job of it. Here’s the original video straight from the 80s.

How was your weekend? Any home decor dramas lately?

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