Current Crush Thursday: Turquoise Home Decor

Current Crush Thursdays

Current Crush has been happening over at Framed Frosting where every week bloggers share what they’re loving at the moment. Such a fun feature! The last couple of days have really opened my eyes to how much work is involved in purchasing a property. I thought that finding somewhere to live would be the hard part. Now, I’m finding there are so many little steps and there doesn’t seem to be a list of what to do and when to do it. Fortunately, between my real estate agent, the bank and a lot of 1-800 numbers I think I’m finally sorted out. Here’s hoping!

Pinterest is the perfect place to browse decorating ideas. I’m so excited to get started on my own little space. I’m not sure how it’ll all turn out exactly, but I do know this – there will be turquoise. It is my favourite colour (along with pink) and if I have to pick between the two of them, I inevitably choose turquoise.

This room is my complete inspiration. I love white and turquoise together with accents of black.


I love the inclusion of chevron and a tufted table. Very modern and romantic.


 Originally I planned on using turquoise damask as an accent wall. Now I think having the colour on the walls and having a black & white damask pattern as the accent might be more striking. I must go looking for wallpaper!


How lovely is this for an accent piece? Peonies make everything romantic.


What are you crushing on at the moment?

8 thoughts on “Current Crush Thursday: Turquoise Home Decor

  1. So cute! Found you via Current Crush Thurs and I love the turquoise, white and black combo. It really makes for such a clean room. That tufted table is amazing!


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