Ready for the Weekend: June 1 Edition

Happy Friday all!

I’ve had such anxiety the last couple of days because of an upcoming event. I hate that feeling. Last night, I actually woke up around 3:30 am and was panicking over how to fit a bicycle in my car. Seriously. I couldn’t fall asleep again until 6 am. Then I overslept and nearly missed lunch with a friend! Because I bolted up and ran out of the house, I don’ t think I was fully awake and for the rest of the day I had a bit of a headache and had trouble focusing. It was as though by brain was buffering. Now that it’s been a few hours, I’m feeling a bit more normal. 🙂 How much anxiety is too much I wonder? Sometimes I think I should get checked out for it. However, another part of me thinks that anxiety is a good thing because it keeps me on my toes. I think it’s really the fact that I haven’t slept well the last few days that is making things more tense.

Good thing it’s the weekend!!

Here’s a photo of some bunnies playing under the tree in my parents’ front yard. This photo has nothing to do with anything but it makes me happy. I love how we’re in the middle of the city and we still have wild bunnies running around. I’m actually located more centrally than my parents and we have them here too. How could you not love them? Just look at their ears!

Instead of my regular weekend plans post, I thought I’d try to resurrect my Monthly Goal posts which I don’t think I”ve done since February. Oops. Here goes nothing.

1. Buying a condo!
A new realtor is in place and now it’s time to get this show on the road. I hope I find something this month so I can move in August.

2. Finishing the last event of our fiscal year.
Why do our 3 biggest events have to happen within a one month time span? It’s madness.

3. Camping with my bffs!
It’s our 3rd year doing it and this time, I’m actually looking forward to it! My resolve has been weakened.

4. Transplanting my sad little African violets.
I’ve had them for 4 years but they haven’t bloomed for the past 2 years. I think they need some TLC. Speaking of TLC…

I miss them. This song was everything in 1994. Side note: I love how everything they’re wearing is four times to big for them yet they’re still sexy as hell.

5. Packing up my home office!
I’m so looking forward to having some down time to clean up my desk and office area. It’s such a disaster.

6. Heading to Assiniboine Park Gardens!
It’s been nearly a year since this post. I’d love to head over and have another wander around.

7. Complete Unit 1 of Rosetta Stone Italiano Level 2
It’s been ages since I’ve done this. I’ve just had no time. 😦

8. Reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morden.

It’s my Book Club pick this month.

9. A trip to Winnipeg’s Famous BDI!
I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet this year!! I might have to do it this weekend.

10. Winning our Splurge pot this month.
It’s my month I tell you. I want a Kobo!

What do you have looking forward to in June?

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