Pretty Reads: Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen

ImageLast Friday, I stopped by the library in the neighbourhood I grew up in to check out their selection. Isn’t it funny how some things never seem to change? Anyway, I make a point of going there every couple of months because my library is mostly French. The English section is quite small. I generally don’t mind because I can just order books in but sometimes I just like to browse. As I was making my way through the racks of books, I noticed Her Royal Spyness. Quite honestly, I thought that the cover was cute and picked it up solely for that reason.

I never expect much from these cozy mystery type books but I do enjoy reading them and I like finding new series that I can always go back to when I need another book to read. This one, became one of my favourites this year! Set in the 1930s, Georgie is a very minor royal (34th in line to the throne) who’s expected to keep up with social status as a Lady but has absolutely no means to do so. This is due to the fact that she was cut off financially from her brother the Duke (aka Binky) who really has no money either. Dying of boredom in her family’s estate in Scotland, she flees to the family home in London in an effort to make some money and have some social life. Naturally, in these kind of mysteries, she gets in trouble and it’s up to her to crack the case!

Here’s why I loved it:
Georgie is adorable, feisty and a bit clueless due to her upbringing. She literally can’t do anything practical because of how she was brought up. However, she’s very determined to pay her own way and not marry anyone unless it’s for love. The subplot of being a minor royal with no money to live on yet she’s not really allowed to work is very interesting. It kind of reminds me of the drama that Sarah Ferguson got into with her money problems. It’s as though we expect her to take care of herself but really, what is she qualified to do? It’s not as though they are brought up to learn any sort of trade or profession. No offense Fergie, I do admire your spunk! It’s not really as though she could try to get a job minimum wage or whatever.It’s just an interesting thing to contemplate.

I also enjoyed her relationship with her brother, the Duke. There’s really no animosity between them considering that he’s the only one who gets to inherit and he cut her off. I think if that’s the society that you’re brought up in, you’re not that surprised when you’re expected to marry your way out of a situation as a woman. Very reminiscent of Downton Abbey or Pride and Prejudice. Hey! Let’s see how many other pop culture references I can make in this review. 🙂

The best part about discovering this series? They’ve already published 6 books! Don’t you just love finding a new series to read? I’m crossing my fingers that the next books in the series are as fun as the first!

Have you ever read Her Royal Highness? What are some of your favourite book series? Please let me know your recommendations!!


6 thoughts on “Pretty Reads: Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen

  1. I have this book on my shelf to read. I adore the cover as well and thought it sounded intriguing…..though an easy read to be sure. It sounds like I might have to pick that up this summer 🙂
    Awesome review BTW 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you picked this up and shared your thoughts! Great review. I think I first saw the series in a bookstore’s closing sale last year, and when I later looked it up I read that it’s quite wonderful. I’ve been meaning to snatch up the first book sometime! It’s always fun to find a series that’s got a few books under its belt without being too intimidating of a task (like the Stephanie Plum books, I’m only about nine books into that series!). And this one sounds like the perfect escapist read!

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