Pretty Things: April Luxe Box!

April was my last Luxe Box. I was unsure about cancelling it at first but when I received this final box I knew I had made the right decision. Let’s discuss. Yes, this is a month late.

Also, as a follow up to March’s Luxe Box post, I’m completely loving the Laura Mercier Hydrating Fluid. It’s a great moisturizer to use post shower and it doesn’t even feel like a moisturizer but my skin is so soft after I use it. I still have some of my sample left so I’m actually tempted to by the full size bottle because I know it’ll last. I also really like the Cheeky Monkey nail polish (I Like it On Top) I received maybe even better than my standard OPI top coat. Will definitely buy that brand again although I’m unsure of where to get it in Winnipeg.

First thing, For April (sooo behind on these!), Luxebox sent out an email asking if we’d like to donate an item back to the Canadian Cancer Society. Absolutely I did. Such a fabulous idea and a great cross marketing idea from Luxebox and CCS.

Up to the products:
1. Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner
Sample size: 5o mL
Full size: 375 mL ($6)
Really? I feel like such a snob for saying this but Pantene isn’t really a luxe brand in my eyes. This real sealed the deal for me in my eyes. However, I know a lot of people swear by Pantene. Not cruelty-free.

2. Bobos Remi Leave in Conditioner
Sample size: 2.7 fl. oz
Full size: 10 fl oz. ($10)
This is a pretty large sample! I can’t find anything about the company on their website so I’m unsure if they’re cruelty-free. The product has a very strong hairspray like smell to it. Interesting as usually leave in conditioners have a prettier smell.  

3. Cargo Eye Pencil
Full size!!! ($14)
Loved this! I love how soft the pencil is. I’m having problems with figuring it out at the moment because I typcially use gel liner so the pencil is smearing a bit. I think I just need to make sure and use a primer before hand. I love how smooth this goes on. Loved that I received in in the box! I don’t have a lot of Cargo products but I should change that! They’re a great cruelty-free Canadian company!

Overall: I think it was an ok box. There was nothing in it that completely offended me but there was also nothing that made me want to continue to subscribe. I just know when I check out the May luxe boxes I will so regret cancelling my subscription!!

Do you subscribe to Luxebox? What did you get in yours? Which is your favourite beauty box?

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