Ready for the Weekend : May 25 Edition

Happy Friday!

I took today off to try and relax. Although, I really have a lot going on over the next couple of days. The weather seems to be improving. Well, at least for me asthma-wise. The air has been so heavy lately that it’s been harder for me to breathe. That’s never happened to me before! I even went to the doctor just to be sure. Today was a good day. Hopefully, tomorrow is the same so I can get back to the gym! I’m missing my running. 🙂

Here’s what I’m up to this weekend:

1.  Drinking my new favourite drink.
Club soda with muddled fresh berries! It totally gets rid of my cola cravings. I just have to add mint and it’d almost be like a virgin mojito. Fancy!

2.  Splurge Dinner Party!
I hope I win the pot tonight! I really want to buy a Kobo!!

3.  Going to a Friend’s Wedding Social!
Typical weekend in Winnipeg. Socials are our versions of Stag & Does. I hope they have great prizes so I can win something! It’s funny because before you’re 18, it’s all about the social because that’s really the only place you can easily get alcohol in public (still illegal though!). From 18-25 it’s more of a hassle because you’d rather be at the clubs than the local community hall with your parents.  Now, I’m in the 25+ stage where I only go to socials of good friends and there better be good prizes!!

4. Checking out the Norman Rockwell Exhibit at the WAG.
I always leave these things until the last minute but I’m not going to miss it this time!

5. Condo hunting!
I was all excited about this but now I’m getting nervous about the realtor I selected and I’m having second thoughts. Do you think it’s just cold feet?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Penny for your thoughts...

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