Pretty Things: My first (and only) Eco-Emi box!

Happy Earth Day lovelies!

Since it’s Earth Day, it’s the perfect time to post what I received in my Eco Emi box. I only received one of these boxes because it is a bit expensive ($30 since shipping from US) but I was really curious to try new eco friendly products. I hope a similar Canadian brand (or eco friendly versions of current beauty boxes) get started up soon. It should be mentioned that this is actually the March box. I only received a week ago because of the extra distance for shipping.

Back to the box! This is what it looks like when I open the box. You can see they reduce the packaging by not putting the items in a box within another box. Also, all the wrapping is with recycled tissue paper.

It smelled so lovely.

Here’s what was inside:


1. Vita Care Toothbrush:
Full size! $3.39 US
I am so unbelievably excited about this. Biodegradable toothbrushes was something I never even considered until very recently. I just didn’t think they’d exist! For $3.39, it’d be no different than buying the usual plastic ones from the drug store. When you think about throwing out 2-3 toothbrushes a year, they can easily add up over a lifetime. This toothbrush is made of 100% biodegradeable and recycle materials. Awesome.

2. Raw Vegan Bars by Bella Bars
Sample size: 1 bar
Full size: 12 bars for $19.80 US
Yeesh that’s expensive! The bar I had (chocolate) was very good. It definitely had a chocolately taste to it even though it was dripping in chocolate. It reminded me of fig newtons (must have been the dates) .

3. Pomegranate Gum by Vita Care
Full size! $1.69 US
Another Vita Care product! I haven’t tried these yet but I’m intrigued. I really appreciate how affordable their products are and it makes me what to research where to buy them locally as I see they have toothpaste & mouthwash as well.

4. Lip Tints – Badger
Sample size: no weight given
Full size: $6.50 US
This product contains certified organic oils, butters and waxes with natural mineral tints. I am partial to the Lush Lip Service lip balm (as you know) but I like that this has a shimmer. The colour I received is a browny orangey colour (how specific!) but the shimmer makes it look coppery. It actually goes well with my skin tone but it’s a bit of a fall colour in my eyes. I will keep it around until then. Here is a blurry swatch. It looks darker on my lips and not quite as sheer but very pretty.

5. Vegan Gel Eyeliner in That Black by The Natural Face
Full size! $5.75 US
This was a very cool edition. I love MAC’s fluidlines and this is along the same lines. However, this product is a lot wetter than the MAC prodcuts. I’m trying to compare it to something. It has the consistancy of jello that hasn’t quite set yet. It came with a little brush as well which would be handy for those who don’t already have one. I haven’t tried it yet but I will. I have to confessI am nervous about the consistancy being difficult to work with.  Very inexpensive though. Here’s a pic:


6. Vegan Mineral Eye Shadows by The Natural Face
Sample size: no weight given
Full size: 5 g $3.50 US
Another The Natural Face product! I love how inexpensive the products are. You really can’t beat that. I received the eye shadow in Olive U. It’s a small sample but you could probably have two tries with it. It’s a loose shadow and heavily pigmented. It’s a very dark green (practically black) so another fall colour but it’s pretty.

7. Revitalize Shampoo  & Conditioner by Greenbody Greenplanet
Sample size: 1 fl oz each
Full size: 8 oz $24 US each
I just have to say that I can’t ever imagine spending $24 on an 8 oz bottle of shampoo but that said, they smell lovely and I’m eager to try them.

8. Incense by Auromere Ayurvedic in Lily
Sample size: (Full size sample pack!) : $6.95 US
I haven’t lit incense since high school and even then they all smelled the same to me while they were burning. I appreciated receiving the Lily scent as it’s one of my favourite flowers. Who knows? Maybe I’ll light some incense and put on Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy or Smashing Pumpkins Melon Collie & The Infinite Sadness and it can be like old times.


9. Pear Tree Specialty Liquid Soap by Old Post Road Oils
Sample size: 2.5 oz
Full size: 8 oz $7 US
I missed this when I originally took the haul photo. What a box! This soap is vegan and according to the product card, perfect for shaving as it’s very gentle. It was initially created for kids with acne. I’m intrigued. I love the pear scent. I don’t really like eating pears as much as I love smelling them. It’s a texture thing so I’ve very glad to have this.

That’s it! That is a huge variety of samples for one box. If I was in the US, I would cancel all other boxes and go with this as there’s a mix of everything and it’s all very interesting. I must say there is a few spelling mistakes on the product card which is a bit unprofessional but that kind of works with the handmade feel of the box.

Have you received an Eco Emi box or something similar? What did you think about it? What are your favourite eco tips?

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Things: My first (and only) Eco-Emi box!

  1. Haha that totally WAS awesome timing!!

    Those Vita Care products sound pretty amazing. I wonder if they sell them in Canada? Hmm, I’ll have to do a google search & check it out.

    I think I would like those bars (I love fig newtons! Haha) but that price is pretty expensive! Eek!

    It sounds like a great bunch of items that you received. Such a bummer that we Canadians have to pay so much more for shipping & that, ha. Maybe one day our shipping prices will be more reasonable! 😉

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Lesley!!

  2. I will so look into those toothbrushes, it does make sense to have them be biodegradable (I’d never thought of it either). I like the Badger products that I have, I’ve got a cuticle cream and headache soother. I think they both work great. 🙂

    • I was very surprised that they were so inexpensive. Granted, most of my toothbrushes come from the dentist but if for the extra ones I take travelling it’d be nice to have the biodegradable ones.

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