Ready for the Weekend : Friday the 13th Edition!

Happy Friday!

I’m exhausted! It was just one of those weeks where I had something going every night. All I want to do is finish the baby blanket and go to sleep! I can’t though. I have our splurge dinner group tonight. Ok but I’m leaving early-ish!

Last night, I was at the Ronald McDonald House Fashion Show. It was the second year I attended and I enjoyed it more this year than last year. They do such great work that it’s always nice to go out and support them. As an event planner, every time I go to another event, I start changing things. I’m sure people do that to my events as well. It’s just a habit.  Check out what I got in my swag bag:

Not a bad little assortment of goodies. The Ronald McDonald House gift is a compact mirror which is really handy. I’m not sure about the scarf if I’m honest. I both love it and hate it if that’s possibly. I love the colours but the scarf is a bit 70s Air Hostess. However, I’m keeping it. I think it’s going to be one of those pieces that when you figure out what you’re going to do with it, it’s fabulous. Oooh maybe as a headband? Watch this space.

Here’s what I’m up to this weekend:

1.  Going to Take Off Your Clothes Winnipeg!
Check out my earlier post for more info. I was meant to volunteer this weekend but I haven’t heard back. Looks like I’m off the hook!

2.  Finishing the baby washcloths!
Baby Zoey was born on Wednesday. She’s very cute. The blanket will be done shortly, I’m just finishing the last row of trim. Then I’m making a couple of washcloths for baby and a couple of these flower hair bands for Zoey & her two big sisters.

3.  Breakfast with one of my bffs!
I’m so excited for this it’s ridiculous. I haven’t seen her for so long! Following breakfast, we’re heading to nearby Academy Rd. to hit up some boutiques. I don’t think I’ve hit up the Academy shops in at least a year. Unacceptable.

4. Listening to the new Scissor Sisters single
I’ve been obsessed with this since I first heard it. The last cd made me feel a bit meh so I’m really happy to be pumped for this one! I’ve been chair dancing to it all week at work!

5. Reading something
I barely cracked a book this week because I’ve just been all over the place. I’ve missed it!

What are your plans for the weekend? Don’t forget to enter my giveaway on Holly’s blog!


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