Top 10 Tuesday : Fictional Crushes

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This week’s theme is actually, Advice for other book bloggers but considering I haven’t  been blogging long I’m not sure I really have any advice to give. Instead I looked through the back catalogue of Top 10 Tuesday themes and chose one I hadn’t done before: fictional crushes. This list is in no particular order except #1 because he’s my all-time favourite.

1. Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables) by LM Montgomery: How could you not love Gilbert? I admit my first intro to the Anne series was through the CBC movies. I clearly remember the first time I watched them, (I think I was about 6). It took me ages to realize that Gilbert’s teasing was his way of flirting. Carrots indeed. I love that he smart, kind and treats Anne like an equal. He’s also got the patience of a saint. Poor Gilbert after Anne stringing him along all these years.  He knew she’d come around and he never wavered. Swoon. This actually makes me want to gather up the books the next time I’m at my parents’. It’s time for a reread. Seriously, ruined me for life.

2. Jon Snow (A Song of Ice & Fire Series) by George R.R. Martin: I’m completely Team Stark so this was really narrowed down to Jon or Robb. They were running neck to neck at the beginning but I always had a soft spot for Jon. He’s the forgotten son but he is kind and good. He is also a bit emo but so would I be given the circumstances.

3. Luke Brandon (Confessions of a Shopaholic) by Sophie Kinsella: Everyone loves Luke. He’s a bit of a safe choice : Good looking, wealthy, smart…it goes on and on. However, he always sticks up for Becky and he seems to find her completely enchanting even when I think she’s pushing it.

4. Joe Morelli (Stephanie Plum series) by Janet Evanovich: One of two men that Stephanie is torn between. Quite frankly, I think it’s an obvious choice in Joe Morelli although I know there are some die hard Ranger fans. Ranger just scares me a bit. I picture him as a massive guy who grunts all the time not unlike Khal Drogo from SOIAF. In fact, I really thought the actor who played Khal in the HBO series should’ve been Ranger in the movie. Anyway, back to Joe. Joe is sexy, a good guy and just slightly rough around the edges. He used to be bad news but seemed to have grown out of it. Now if only Stephanie would make her mind up. Seriously Janet, enough’s enough.

5. Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) by Jane Austen: Of course he’s on the list. He’s probably on 80% of the lists if I were to look back. Why we love Mr. Darcy : complicated, honourable, intelligent and just moody enough to make him interesting. The one thing that makes the Lizzie & Fitz relationship work so well is their banter. They love to challenge each other and that initial indifference or irritation they felt for each other became one of admiration and later adoration.

6. Robbie Turner (Atonement) by Ian McEwan :  I am suddenly remembering how much I cried at the end of this book. Ugh. The tortured life of the wrongly accused. My heart breaks for Robbie & Cecilia.

7. Simon Stein (In Her Shoes) by Jennifer Weiner: I love Simon! He’s so nice & sweet and obviously adores Rose. He’s not a typical fictional crush but sometimes you just need to read about a really great guy.

8.  Levin (Anna Karenina) by Leo Tolstoy: This may be a controversial choice. Anna is all about Vronsky the playboy and man about town.  Honestly though, Vronsky does nothing for me. Plus, I thought he’s mother had an unhealthy influence on him. It was all about shy, lonely Levin for me. Sure, he was often accompanied by hundreds of pages describing farming techniques but he is so kind and completely enamoured of Kitty that he hands her his diary so she can discover more about him. *Melt*

9. Mikael Blomkvist (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) by Steig Larsson: Let’s make one thing clear. I never considered Mikael to be very good looking. He certainly had a way about him since he had the admiration of so many ladies but there was something about his respect for his partner Erika and his fondness for Lisbeth that I really enjoyed. He’s completely in awe of her and her capabilities.  Although he is older than her, it never feel predatory but more protective. He is stubborn and arrogant but he protects those he loves. I definitely thought there was something sexy about him.

10.  Mark Darcy aka. The other Mr. Darcy (Bridget Jones’s Diary) by Helen Fielding: Of course, Mark Darcy is a modern day version of the aforementioned Mr. Darcy. He has the same haughtiness and awkwardness in social situations. However, he has a bit more of a sense of humour and he’s a Human Rights Barrister! That job is second only to Veterinarian in the heartthrob dream job list (according to me anyway).

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Who are your fictional crushes?

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday : Fictional Crushes

  1. hello,

    I only know the two Darcys and Luke Brandon in your list. I think I may check on the other ones. There is no such a thing as too many fictionnal crushes XD

  2. Great alternative list. Totally agree with Mr Darcy (both of them) being on the list – they’re also the only two books on your list I’ve read, so I’ll have to find out a bit more about the others.

  3. Gilbert Blythe for the win!!! I have seen the movies about a million times and still cry, laugh out loud, and love them every time! I finally read the books about two years ago, but I actually like the movies better! Did you ever see the Road to Avonlea TV series? It came on the Disney channel when I was little, but you can get the DVD’s through Netflix if you have it. I highly recommend it!

    • Yes! I was obsessed with Avonlea when I was younger! I still haven’t forgiven my mom for taking my Dad to PEI instead of me. lol. I love Gilbert. Even after I made up that list, I was on tumbler looking at all this gifs and reliving the movie magic. Love love love!!

  4. OMG! I completely forgot all about Anne of Green Gables, I had to read the books in 6th grade. I wish Luke Brandon was real… Siiiigh… Simon was too nerdy for me. And Mikael Blomkvist, yes please! Haha, great post! So nostalgic.

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