Music Monday : Save the World – Swedish House Mafia

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? It was so chilly here!  I was able to complete some of the things I planned on doing this weekend. That is always such a great feeling. I was able to get a bag together for the Swap. This lead to more organizing including a box of stuff set aside for the next time the Canadian Diabetes Pick up comes. Did you know they collect used ink cartridges as well? This is so exciting to me. I have four years of cartridges in a box that I keep forgetting to bring in to recycle.

I nearly finished my blanket. Hopefully, I can finish tonight. Only another inch or so and then I can start the border. Easy peasy. I also made some delicious banana bread! I think I like baked bananas a lot more than regular ones. I used Martha’s recipe from The Baking Handbook. Sorry, I can’t seem to find online. I just take out the coconut & add chocolate chips. The recipe makes two loaves. Too much for me so I usually drop off the second with my parents.

Today’s song is from last year already! Feels like yesterday. I just love Swedish House Mafia and this video. The power of puppies!!

 How was your weekend? I also discovered Draw Something. Yikes. Really shouldn’t have jumped on that bandwagon? So addicting!

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