Pretty Things : My First Glossybox!

Hello lovelies!

Of all the beauty boxes I’ve seen online, Glossybox was the one I coveted the most. Once I realized it was available in Canada, I had to sign up right away which naturally left me on the wait list. Well, the wait is over!

Upon first impressions, the box was quite heavy. Before I even opened it, I had felt I had received my fair share. There are a ton of photos online of Glossybox packaging so I won’t include it here. It’s really a pretty box to receive and I’m trying to think of something I can use it for. The one thing I must mention is that it came quite late in the month, practically in April.

On with the show:

1. Algemarin Foam Bath
Sample size: 15 ml
Full size: 5×5 ml – $3.99 ; 500 ml – $17.99
This was considered an “extra” on the product card.  You can really see it in the above photo but it’s a little packet of bubble bath. I can’t to try it. It says that it’s made from “extracts of seaweed, algae and mineral salts which give the body a tonal quality that previously was only obtainable from hydrotherapy or sea bathing.” I really only understood half of that. lol. Cruelty-free.

2. Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray
Sample size: 43 g
Full size: $19.95
I really don’t use hairspray at all although this would be nice for a night out. I really don’t like using anything that comes in that kind of metallic can. I only have two products that come in a can like that. One is hair spray I bought in 2008 (I remember because it was for an 80s themed retro party, naturally) and an Aldo shoe protector that I had longer than that. It’s just not my thing and I’d probably never get around to using it. Cruelty-free.

3. Bailey Cosmetics Kabuki Brush
Full size! $40.00
Now this was a big one! A Kabuki Brush! I was thrilled and then I was scared. Where  did it come from? How did they get this hair? My second though was, does this have something to do with Canadian designer Brian Bailey?? Yes it does. I was also relieved to read this on their website which mentions their policies. Although not everyone believes in natural hair for make up brushes, it is from a sheared goat (meaning no animal was killed) so it would be the same as wool, etc. This actually made me want to purchase more through their website. I like their policy, I like that it’s a Canadian company and I like the esthetic.

4. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray
Sample size: 50 ml / $7
Full size: 150 ml / $12.50
Here we go with this bottle again! I’ve seen this product around for years but I’ve never tried it. It just seems strange to pay that much for mist. However, I think this would be perfect for my gym bag so I’ll use it. I just wish I had somewhere locally to recycle the aluminum. Any Winnipeggers have any ideas? I don’t think they can go in our blue boxes. Maybe I should just call the city?

5. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Sample size: 71 ml
Full size: 354 ml
This is actually a really nice size. Perfect for the purse! I haven’t had any luck with Aveeno products in the past. I think I have a reaction to the oatmeal. Plus, it isn’t cruelty-free. However, this will make a perfect gift for someone. I think my Dad likes Aveeno.

6. Pandora’s Blush in St. Tropez
Full size! $18
Another full size product! We’re so spoiled! I told you it was a good box this month! Pandora is a Canadian company and it’s always nice to hear about these things. The packaging is a bit juvenile for me. However, I do love how you can slip the pan right out of the case to put into a palette. Sometimes, it’s so hard to get a pan out it’s not even worth the trouble.

Here’s a photo of the colour up close. It’s actually a bit more bronzier than how it’s coming across there.

So that’s it! Currently, Glossybox is winning the beauty box competition. one is going to have to go this month – like Survivor!

What did you think of March’s Glossybox?  Did you get anything different in yours?

5 thoughts on “Pretty Things : My First Glossybox!

  1. I am still tempted to try out one of these boxes! I am contemplating the glymm box. I personally would have enjoyed the kabuki and blush from this box:)

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