Ready for the Weekend : April 5 Edition!

Happy Thursday!

I don’t know about you but I really need a long weekend! I hope this gorgeous weather keeps up. It’s so unlike a typical April in Winnipeg and it’s very much appreciated!

Here’s what I’m up to this weekend:

1.  Reading a ton!
I’m still about halfway through A Feast of Crows but even though I’m neck deep in SOIAF obsession, I like to take breaks every once in awhile so I don’t read too fast. I think I need time to absorb them. Today I picked up this bunch at the library. Being able to reserve books online makes my life so much easier but still overwhelms me. Where to start?


2.  Watching Emmerdale and crying
My favourite character leaves tonight! I don’t think I’m emotionally ready to say goodbye. /nerd.

3.  Starting a new baby blanket!
I’m putting my blanket on hold to work on a baby blanket for my cousin Carl. The baby is due at the end of the month. What colour do you turn to when you want it to be neutral? I kind of hate the fact that we put so much emphasis on gender specific colours for babies. Try to find something for a newborn baby girl that isn’t pink or purple. I found this pattern on Ravelry. It’s a simple pattern but it appears so incredbly elegant. I have a feeling I’m going to have to be extra careful with tension with this one. I think it’ll show up very easily.

4. Making these:

How adorable are these chocolate covered strawberries? How clever! I love Pinterest!


5. Going for a long walk
It’s going to be 19C tomorrow and sunny! No way am I going to pass that up!

What are your plans for the weekend? Have a very happy Easter & Passover!!

3 thoughts on “Ready for the Weekend : April 5 Edition!

  1. 1. Friday night I’m going to the Disney Concert Hall to watch a performance (I’m in Los Angeles).

    2. Saturday hopefully I’ll get in a long walk, as I have very recently taken an interest in hiking.

    3. I might check out some of your book choices (The Queen of Last Hopes, and Wives and Daughters struck my interest in your stack).

    Happy Easter and Passover to you as well.

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