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A few months ago, I picked up a Netflix subscription out of curiousity. They give you a one month free trial so I figured I had nothing to lose. Netflix Canada has a really strange assortment of movies at the moment. Not really a lot of new releases but I love it for the foreign film and documentary selection. Those were generally the movies I rented before my local video store closed.  Since I cut of the tv cable a few weeks ago, I’ve had plenty of time to watch some movies that I might not have otherwise. For $8 a month, I feel I get my  money’s worth but I do find the way Netflix organizes their movies a bit confusing. They say they have 1000s of titles but you don’t see the whole list. You just get a bunch of categories like Comedies, TV Shows, etc. Once you’ve watched a movie, they figure out what you like and add new more interesting categories like Romantic Comedies featuring a Strong Female Lead or Mother Son Drama (not sure what prompted that exactly).  The one thing I wish Netflix had was a way to mark movies you might want to watch later.  The categories could switch and then you can’t find them or can’t remember the titles.

These are my favourites so far:

For Romance:

North & South (BBC Miniseries) : I have not read anything by Elizabeth Gaskell and I think I have to rectify this. I’m also a little bit in love with Richard Armitage at the moment.

A quiet little movie that’ll break your heart.

Foreign Love:

I am Love:
Gorgeously shot and Tilda Swinton remains perfect.

Loose Cannons:
One of those foreign comedies that makes no sense to me even when it finishes. I kind of love those.

For Laughs:

Hotel Babylon (TV Series):
Ridiculous but it’s surprising how much I relate to it. There’s nothing like working in the hospitality industry.

Death at a Funeral:
Most of the comedies listed on Netflix I already own or am not really interested in seeing. This one made me laugh outloud a few times. Totally my sense of humour.

Have you watched anything on Netflix lately? Send me some recommendations! I can use them. 🙂

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