Work in Progress Wednesday: Missoni Inspired Blanket

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a WIPW. That’s because I haven’t been doing anything crafty lately. I missed it!! I was hoping to get 25% of the pattern done by the end of February but that did not happen. It takes longer than you imagine because the needles are small. I feel like I’ve really picked up the pace now that I’m confident in the pattern. Because I’m still so new to crochet & knitting, I tend to second guess every stitch which takes up so much time! Now I can at least watch tv while I do this and not have to run to the pattern every other second. I will give this until next week and then I’ll have to hold off until I finish my cousin’s baby blanket present which has not been started.



The pattern can be found on Ravelry. I’m loosely following the colours in the pattern. The ones I like I’m keeping otherwise I’ll be adjusting slightly. I thik I’m going to keep it with cooler tones but we’ll see how we do. I’ve only been buying the yarn as I get to it to try to keep my stash at a manageable level. 🙂 Honestly, Ravelry is the coolest place every for knitting ideas and patterns. I paid for this one and it was worth every penny ($4 AUD)! Ravelry has helped me learn a lot and has made me more confident in my knitting. If you’re into knitting and crochet and you’re not on Ravlery, you really have to get on there!

What are you currently working on? xx

9 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday: Missoni Inspired Blanket

    • I thought that too! It’s actually really easy once you’ve got knit & purl down! There’s a lot of online resources now too! I recommend the stitch n birch books and there’s a ton of YouTube videos when I get stuck!

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