Happy Leap Year!

Hello lovelies!

Did you do anything special for Leap Year this year? I’ve never thought of it as a special day before but last week it occured to me that I should do something special to remember the day for every leap year that follows. Does that make sense? So today I went out and bought myself an floral arrangement just because.

February 29, 2012

Isn’t it pretty? I never buy floral arrangements for myself unless they’re the sale bouquets at Safeway but that’s not really the same thing is it? It turns out that a lot of people don’t. In fact, when the florist asked me if I’d like a card for the arrangement, I said, “Nope. They’re for me.” She said that it was the first time she’s ever heard that. REALLY?! It made me a bit sad but it’s often the case that you’d splash out for a loved one before you’d splash out on yourself.

Anyway, considering today is Leap Year it also reminded me of this terrible movie.

Photo credit.

Ok I’m probably being a bit harsh. There are a lot of good points to this movie. I LOVE Amy Adams and I love the scenic views of Ireland. Those two things sell the movie for me already and I would probably watch it again. However, the thought that you’re only “allowed” to propose to a man one day every four years is a  bit grating. I also was really annoyed with the geography in the movie. Anyone with a basic understanding of the UK and Ireland would know that you wouldn’t aim to end up in Dingle if you were leaving from Wales and heading to Dublin. Not that you would care if you didn’t know that.

Sometimes I think I get too distracted by unimportant things like that in movies.  The same thing happened to me when watching The Tudors. I got so distracted by the fact that I was so sure Henry’s sister Margaret didn’t marry the King of Portugal. It was so distracting I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I had to stop watching *nerd*. Does that ever happen to you?

Anyway, I will say that Leap Year is definitely worth watching if only for the stunning Irish landscapes that make up the backdrop to the movie (even if they aren’t where they say they are). There’s not enough movies shot in Ireland if you ask me. Actually, I think I’ve kind of talked myself into watching it tonight. lol. I hope it’s on Netflix!!

Did you do anything special for Leap Year?

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