Music Monday : Drunk – Ed Sheeran

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was a little different than anticipated. My uncle was in town so we went out for supper on Saturday and those leftovers lasted me today as well. So no chili for me this weekend! That’s ok it’s always nice for someone else to cook dinner for me. I’ll have to make chili tomorrow night because I’m craving it! Otherwise, it was still snowy here over the weekend so I stayed in. I only made a quick trip to Ram Wool Co-op to get some more wool for my blanket.

This weekend, I also took advantage of Netflix and watched two movies I can’t believe I’ve never seen before: Shampoo and To Die For. To Die For has been on my list literally since it came out. I don’t know why I haven’t seen it until now. It actually just popped into my head so I searched for it on Netflix. I was so glad it was there! I used to have such a crush on Joaquin Phoenix. Not really at that time (1995) but in about 5 more years, I’d be all over him. lol.

Shampoo was one of those movies that pops up every once in awhile so I thought I had to watch it just to watch it. Warren Beatty is so hot in it. I imagine that he had enough real life experience to draw from to portray a womanizing hairdresser. 😉 Goldie Hawn & Julie Christie are so gorgeous in the movie also. I imagine with the three of them that it was probably a big deal when this movie came out. Actually, just checked wiki and Shampoo was the 4th highest grossing movie in 1975 behind Jaws, One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Wow! 1975 was a FANTASTIC year for movies. The top three are so iconic.

Photo credit

There is so much going on in this photo that I could make an entire post just on its contents. From the carpet in the bathroom to Warren’s belt and everything in between. Seriously though, how did Julie Christie’s hair get that much volume?! It’s intense. Actually, even Warren’s had a life of his own. There was a lot of big hair in this movie.

In other news, I found my ring! Yay! It literally fell within the smallest crack between two boxes. How do things always wind up somewhere that should be difficult to get to? It was so weird not to be wearing it. I think I have to invest in a jewelry box or something to keep it safe because that was scary!

Today’s song is by last week’s Brit winner Ed Sheeran.  Because I like to listen to BBC Radio 1 during the day, I was familiar with his music but I didn’t put it together that he had more than one song. Sometimes, I just don’t pay attention to who sings what if I can’t put a face to the name. I thought he did a great job at the Brits plus I have a soft spot for gingers. 😉 Now, if only his album was available in Canada.  :/

 How was your weekend?


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