Ready for the Weekend : February 24 Edition

Today completely flew by! I accomplished a lot although not as much as I’d hope. Still feelng very productive though! Aren’t those the best Fridays? We’ve had a few days of snow here so I have a feeling I’ll be holed up all weekend if it keeps up. Sometimes, it’s just nice to be all warm and cozy indoors with some tea and a book than head out, clear off your car while covering yourself in snow in the process. But hey, that’s just me.

In other news, I really can’t get this song out of my head. It’s not a new song but it popped in yesterday afternoon and it keeps spinning around in there. I love Lily Allen. I can’t wait until she releases new music even though I’m sure it’ll be awhile.

1.  Cooking something stodgy
I’m not sure if it’ll be veggie chili or a shepherdess pie but I want to make something warm and filling that’ll last me until Monday.

2.  Cleaning my bedroom
I keep the claddagh ring I got in Ireland on my desk when I’m not using it. Usually, I stick it on the end of a bottle of nail polish. Yesterday, I knocked the nail polish bottle off the desk and the ring flew off into a pile of work boxes and papers. I couldn’t find it and it’s stressing me out. I know it’s here somewhere. I think I have to take it as a sign to get organized.

3.  Finishing my taxes
What an exciting life I lead! I’m just waiting on one more form which I should get today or tomorrow. I really enjoy finishing my taxes early and getting them off my plate. Thank god for those computer programs. Easy peasy.

4. Purchasing a laundry basket
Mine is broken and it’s more of a hindrance than a help at this point.

5. Avoiding the Oscars
I used to be all over the Oscars and all award shows in general. I really did. One day, (I must have been particularly bitter), I just snapped and I couldn’t take it anymore. Everything about them irritates me now. Maybe I take it too seriously and get disappointed. Maybe it’s because I’m haven’t been attached to any of the films nominated in the past couple of years. I really don’t know. Anyway, so chances are I won’t be watching or will just be flipping back and forth. I will say that there are two parts of the Oscars I genuinely really love – the red carpet & movie montages. I LOVE MONTAGES! You know, when they’ll have two minutes on Film Noir or Westerns or whatever they want to showcase this year. I really think that’s the best part of it. That’s the wonderful thing about the blogging world. I know that I’ll be able to see all the fashions online and if anything interesting or funny occurs, I know it’ll be on ONTD by the end of the night. Perfect!

What are your plans for the weekend?


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