Pretty Things: My first Luxebox!!

I’ve been following the beauty box trend from a far by checking out the reviews on different UK based blogs. I was so excited to find out that they were in Canada! I had no idea (although it seems that they’re really just starting out). I thought the beauty box idea would be perfect for me because I tend to be very brand loyal because I’m picky. Generally, when you’re picky you’re better to stick to what you know than researching and trying to figure out if you should purchase said product. So very excitedly, I signed up for a bunch of boxes (ok, well four. It would’ve been 5 but Top Box has a waiting list).  Immediately afterwards I had buyer’s remorse. I wasn’t worried about the price, I really was worried about the products that would be included even though they have a selection of them listed on the website. You see, I have a check list when it comes to purchasing beauty & household products. I will share with you how long it took to find mousse and shaving gel that met all that criteria another day lol. Anyway, the absolute #1 non negotiable is that they must be cruelty-free. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find cruelty free products sometimes.

So I have to say I was thoroughly impressed that all items included were cruelty-free! At least to my knowledge and research abilities. That was really surprising to me and it made my day. Anyway, let’s get on with it.


This month the box was created in collaboration with FLARE magazine. I love Flare (I’m a subscriber!) so I was excited. p.s. Canadian magazine subscriptions are really affordable. They’re generally under $20 a year so if you pick up at least 4 a year you might as well subscribe!

I loved the mini Flare cover on the card. Very cute.

Personalized and my name is spelled correctly! You have no idea how many times it’s misspelled. I’d say at least twice a day.

Box 3
Ta Da! Let’s go through them one at a time, shall we?

First up L’Air by Nina Ricci. I was so excited about this mini perfume bottle! It is so cute and feels a lot more lucious than if it were a generic vile. I’m so glad it was included.

Box 4
The card says, “Inspired by the legendary L’Air du Temps, this iconic fragrance takes on a new twist, more luxurious and modern. The blend of magnolia, freesia and Bulgarian rose pays homage to the original scent.”
Luxe tip worth including: Apply to the pulse points; nape of the neck, back of the ears, inside the wrists (Don’t overdo it).
Full size: 50 mL ($80); 100 mL ($110)
Sample size included: 4 mL

My verdict: Honestly, I would never pick this up but I really like it! I’ve been wearing it for the past few hours just to be sure. It’s a soft, subtle scent and I agree with the Luxetip. This isn’t a scent you could spritz all over yourself when you get out of the shower. I mean you could, but I think it would ruin it. It’s an incredibly feminine scent that could easily become your signature. However, if you’re not a fan of florals this wouldn’t be for you.

Next up, a full size of China Glaze nail polish! Woot woot!
Box 5
Let’s face it at this point, I’m already sold on the box.

The card says, “China Glaze is a revolutionary nail colour system for professional application. Using special methods, China Glaze offers incredible durability, fast drying, easy application and exclusive colours.”
Luxe tip worth including: When applying polish, be sure to bring it over the front edge of the nail and slightly under the tip to reduce chipping.
Full size: 14 mL ($8)
Sample size: See above!!

My verdict: I’ve been a fan of China Glaze even since I discovered For Audrey so I was already sold. The colour I received is Mediterranean Charm. How perfect for spring and summer? The colour is one I don’t actually have it’s a poppy pinkish, coralish, reddish colour. How technical. lol. It’s hard to describe but I know it’s going to be one of those colours that you can wear regardless of the colour of clothing you’re wearing. It’s pinky enough to wear with pinks and red enough to wear with reds with a hint of coral to keep things interesting. I can see myself wearing this a lot this summer.

Box 9

This photo was taken with only one coat in natural light and it looks a lot more coral in the photo than it does in person.

Next, Microfoliant from Dermalogica
Box 7

The card says, “Considered as one of InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys, this unique rice-based enzyme powder helps to exfoliate your skin by removing debris, leaving your skin smoother and brighter. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour; good for all skin types.”
Lux tip worth including: To learn more, watch the video.
Full size: 75 g ($72)
Sample size: 13 g

My verdict: I haven’t tried this yet but I’m a fan of exfoliating. I’m excited to try this microfoliant as I’m sure the finer grain is much better for your skin. This is a really good sized sample and considering that you’re only mean to use a half a teaspoon a day, I’ll have enough info by the end of the bottle to know whether or not to invest in the $72. When I know more, I’ll do a follow up.

Finally, Silk Infusion by Chi.

Box 6

The card says, “This leave in reconstructing treatment, enriched with pure natural silk, wheat and soy proteins protects your hair against thermal styling and environmental damages while giving your hair incredible lustre. Alcohol free, enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins.
Luxe tip worth including: Apply a pea size amount on dry hair for a smooth and sleek look.
Full size: 50 mL ($15); 150 mL ($25); 300 mL ($42)
Sample size: 15 mL

My verdict: This is a pretty good sized sample. I have long hair but I should be able to get 3-4 uses out of this. I am always looking for a new leave-in conditioner.

Overall I thought this was a great introduction to Luxebox. Every single item is something I’m already enjoying or excited to try out. I see from other reviews that after a few months I might get the same items from time to time so that concerns me but for now, I’m really loving this box. One suggestion I would have though considering it was a Flare edition was to include a mini magazine. If not a full issue, then one of those little bonus inserts they sometimes have like on hair or nails or something. I just think that would have tied the theme together perfectly and maybe entice those who haven’t picked up a Flare in the past to subscribe. However, there was a card included that says if you subscribe for $14.95 a year you’ll receive a Nicole by OPI nail polish as a Bonus gift. Order at if you’re interested.

If you’d like to sign up for luxe box, visit them here.

What did you receive in your luxe box? What are some other beauty boxes you subscribe to? Let me know so I can see what I’m missing. 😉

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