Ready for the Weekend : February 17 Edition

I am so ready for the weekend I can’t even tell you. Is there anything you found yourself doing at work that you wouldn’t have even thought you’d have to do until you’re doing it? I find myself doing stuff like that all the time but the one thing no one ever tells you about Event Planning is the amount of boxes you haul around. I mean, it makes sense but it reallyisn’t something people talk about. Honestly, it is not uncommon for me to have my whole car full of boxes that I’m mailing, picking up or putting in storage. My trunk is always full of something because I don’t want to bring anything extra into the house. It might be a bit different because I’m home based but nonetheless, lifting heavy boxes is definitely part of an event planner’s life.

Take today for example. I got a phone call from the post office saying that I had 4 boxes ready for pick up.

Well there were 4 of them and they were big.
and they were heavy (yes that’s >50 lbs.)
But they’re full of pretty pashminas! So it was all worth it!
Oh but look what I found in my mailbox when I returned from the post office! More boxes to pick up. Fabulous

Seriously exhausting. Then I had to repackage some to ship off to other places. I really want to take a nap now and I just might have to do it.

Here’s what I got planned for this weekend (besides picking up those boxes):

1. Hé Ho!
I’ll be checking out our annual winter festival, Festival du Voyageur. Always a good time and this year, the weather is perfect!

2.  Finishing Damages Season 1 on Netflix
I’m obsessed but I’m so confused with this timeline thing that I’m not sure if I really like the show or if I just want to see how it all goes together.

3.  Knitting
The Missoni blanket lives! I’ve got my groove back with it but I do find it a challenge with the size 4 needles. My hands just start to cramp a lot earlier. Any tips?

4. Reading Mary Boleyn The Mistress of Kings
Finding this a bit dry at the moment. Not sure if I can muddle through

5. Creating this nail polish holder
Who am I kidding? This will never get done.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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