Pretty things : Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovlies! Growing up, Valentine’s Day was never that big of a deal because it was my brother’s birthday. So even now I consider it his birthday first. It kind of keeps me out of the cliche Valentine’s blues that singles seem to suffer in rom coms. lol.

However, I’m always a fan of celebrating holidays. Here’s a couple of things I’m loving at the moment:

Nicole by OPI nail apps. How cute are these? I found these before Christmas in a Shoppers Drug Mart bargain shelf. That shelf is my favourite place in the world. Always such good finds! I have heard that nail wraps are hard to work with but these were super easy to put on.  I haven’t tried any others so I don’t know if these are thicker than usual. They do seem thicker than I would have thought. They kind of remind me of reinforcements. The package says they’ll last 1-2 days. They seem really secure though and didn’t seem bothered at all after a hop in the shower.  So far so good!

My cute pink shoes! They are not new but I haven’t worn them in ages. I trotted them out for the Gala last Thursday in an effort to achieve my New Year’s Resolution to wear heels more often. I bought them in Ireland at New Look a few years ago. They still make me very happy. I apologize for the cankles. These were taken at the end of the night.

Of course, what would a Valentine’s Day post be without a love song? I absolutely adore Dusty Springfield. I picked up her greatest hits in Golden, BC of all places and I fell in love. Pick up a Dusty Springfield cd for your car. Her velvet voice makes even a trip to the grocery store romantic. Trust me, you will not regret it.

What are you loving at the moment?

One thought on “Pretty things : Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Those shoes are sooo adorable. it is weird how wearing pink or red in Feb makes in seem like you are a valentine. I didn’t think I went overly pink yesterday but people commented on my pink valentine face make-up! Lovely post:)

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