Pretty Things: New Coach purse!

My parents have been in Florida for the past week. While they were away, I took care of their home and my beloved Sprinkles. In return, I asked them to pick me up a purse at the coach outlet in Jacksonville if they found something they’d think I’d like. I gave them a lot of rules about what I would and would not like so I wasn’t sure they’d come back with anything. I’m a bit picky.

I think they did really well. I love that it’s pink, leather (versus fabric) and a classic style. I really like smaller bags and tend to buy them even though they’re not the most practical for day to day. That’s what makes them special! Originally, I was meant to pay them back for it but they decided to gift it to me considering that one of their fluorescent light bulbs went out, I had a run in with the security alarm, I washed their oven, smoke detector batteries needed replacing and I had to sleep on the couch last night instead of staying at my place. That was because my Dad lost his keys and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house unlocked. Oh and I was woken up at 2:30 am. Well deserved I’d say. Well deserved.




Don’t you just love the pink lining?


I’m really way too cheap to purchase this at regular price (listed at $198) but it’s nice to have something like this as a treat. Also, can I just say that you don’t know how bad your camera is until you want to do something (like focus on something specific) and you can’t. Frustrating! I hope I get enough air miles soon for an SLR!

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