Music Monday: Roam – B-52’s

Happy Monday!

I have to say I had a really hectic Saturday followed by a very lazy Sunday. The fashion show was fantastic! I’ll make a seperate post to discuss. Such a great event and definitely worth attending next year! I spent all of Saturday trying to find something to wear and all day Sunday recovering from it. ūüėȬ†

I heard¬†this song on Friday and it put me in such a good mood that¬†I had to share¬†with you for Monday. We could always use a boost on Monday! I’m really looking forward to this week. My parents have travelled to Florida for the week so I’m staying at their home with my beloved¬†Shih Tzu cross, Sprinkles.¬†Not to mention they also have HBO on demand. I’ve been without HBO for a year and I miss it! I’ll be spending¬†all¬†week catching up!

Here’s to another fabulous week!

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