Music Monday: Roam – B-52’s

Happy Monday!

I have to say I had a really hectic Saturday followed by a very lazy Sunday. The fashion show was fantastic! I’ll make a seperate post to discuss. Such a great event and definitely worth attending next year! I spent all of Saturday trying to find something to wear and all day Sunday recovering from it. šŸ˜‰Ā 

I heardĀ this song on Friday and it put me in such a good mood thatĀ I had to shareĀ with you for Monday. We could always use a boost on Monday! I’m really looking forward to this week. My parents have travelled to Florida for the week so I’m staying at their home with my belovedĀ Shih Tzu cross, Sprinkles.Ā Not to mention they also have HBO on demand. I’ve been without HBO for a year and I miss it! I’ll be spendingĀ allĀ week catching up!

Here’s to another fabulous week!


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