Ready for the Weekend : January 20 edition

Luckily for me, this week was pretty well balanced. I fear next week will not be. 🙂 However, until then I have the weekend where I can enjoy the following plans:

1. Staying warm!
The last few days have hit the -38C to -40C wind chill. Anyone who says the wind chill doesn’t make a difference has not experienced it. It seems Winter has come to Winnipeg at last.

2.  Hosting this month’s splurge party
Our group’s splurge is a bit more low key than some others. We decided last year to just focus on appetizers. Sometimes, that can be more work in the end but last night I was able to get some things out of the way: salsa, guacamole and sticky toffee pudding. Today I just have some crudites, baked brie & spanakopita to sort out. Easy peasy.

3. Reading The Game of Thrones
I’m completely obsessed and would do nothing but read this book tonight if I didn’ t have people coming over. I can’t wait to watch the series once I’ve finished this first book.

4.  Start this blanket.
Hopefully I can find some wool in my stash that will complement this blanket. I have to use some up!! I imagine it’ll take awhile but it’ll nice to get it started so I can go back to it inbetween smaller projects.

5. Meeting at the bank
A bit scary but a necessity. It’s always nice to have a plan. Re: Resolution #3

What are your plans for the weekend?


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