Ready for the Weekend : January 13 edition

Unfortunately, this week was a bit full on.  I’m so looking forward to having a relaxing weekend!

I’ve been having insomnia for the past week or so. I feel that my living situation (roommate drama) is causing it. It’ll be so nice to just laze in bed all day if I have to.

2.  Finishing my pillow
It’s still not done! Embarrassing!

3. Reading The Marriage Plot
I’m such a big fan of Jeffrey Eugenides. Middlesex changed my life. I’ve just started The Marriage Plot and I’m sure I’ll finish it tomorrow. Love it already.

4.  Joining my local Y.
Last Saturday, I discovered there is a YMCA not that far from me at all. You know how you seem to keep to your own little area of town? Well, I had to a new library (for me anyway) to pick up a book and discovered a YMCA less than 10 minutes from my house! I used to belong to the Y but the locations I knew of were more like 20 minutes away. A little too far to be able to use all the time. Hopefully, this helps me sleep!


 5. Planning for Splurge!
Splurge is a monthly dinner club that I’m a part of. Next week is my turn to host so I’ll be making up a shopping list, doing a deep clean around the house and just trying to get organized so I’m not too overwhelmed when next Friday comes around.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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