Tribute to Pat Butcher

As previously mentioned,  I adore British Soaps. The thing with soaps is that you get so attached to characters that when they die on tv, you feel the need to grieve. I’m thinking of you Jack Duckworth! I heard through the grapevine that Eastenders’ Pat Butcher was going to die over Christmas. I was DEVASTATED! I love Pat with her saucy side-eyes and constant battles on the square. Although Pat has a few more years in Canada (we’re so behind), I had to cheat and watch her last scenes online. I think I have to be emotionally prepared to part with her. lol.

Without a doubt, Pat’s signature is her earrings. They were big, bold and most likely to be acrylic. Love!  In honour of Pat, I put together a few gorgeous earrings that I think she’d love.

Photo from the Eastenders website.


Pat Butcher Tribute

Here’s me in my own Pat inspired earrings! It’s kind of a weird angle but I wanted to show them off! I got these at Le Chateau years ago.

 Have you ever been devastated by a fictional characters death? Tell me all! I don’t want to feel like the only crazy person out there.


2 thoughts on “Tribute to Pat Butcher

  1. I’ve been upset by character deaths in books, but never soaps! I don’t really watch them anymore. My Mum does though so I did catch that Pat had died. Quite sad seeing as she’s been on the soap for as long as I can remember!

    • I really don’t think I would watch them if they weren’t foreign. I kind of like how they’re my thing and not everyone over here knows what I’m talking about. Strange to say it but it makes it more exotic.

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