WIPW: 2012 Resolutions!

Since I’m still working on my pillow (one side down!), I thought I’d get a bit more introspective for my work-in-progress Wednesday with a few 2012 Resolutions. I’m actually someone who loves resolutions and even when I don’t follow them through, it’s nice to have something on a list to check off. Something about writing it out and releasing it to the universe makes you feel like anything is possible.

1. Wear heels more often. Working from home definitely makes me lazy on this front. I want to but I’m just so disorganized. I’m also 5’8 and sometimes I feel way too big because most heels are 5 inches. Well, I should say the heels I buy. lol. Those are the hottest shoes though! I do like the look of these booties from Aldo and they’re on sale.

2. Project 365: 3rd time’s the charm! I so want to capture a photo a day. Now with instagram, it can’t get any easier. 🙂

3. Buy a home (or condo). So scary but I’m so ready for it. I have all my ducks in a row, I just have to find a place and move before my lease is up at the end of August.

4. Finish Rosetta Stone Italian. So far, I can say things like, La donna guida una macchina. (The woman drives a car.) But hey, I’m only on disc 1.

Do you have any resolutions or 2012 wishes?

2 thoughts on “WIPW: 2012 Resolutions!

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