12 Things for this December!

Overnight, the temperature dipped down to -31C. It’s official, winter is here! It hasn’t really felt like December yet because we’ve barely had any snow and the weather has been much warmer than usual. In Winnipeg, the cold weather can bring you down but the truth is you have to move on with your life. Sure, there’ll be those cozy days when you just want to experience the weather only through the window. Today, was one of those days but here are the things I’m looking forward to this December:

1. Baking!!
Last year, I had some dental issues so I could barely function, let alone eat anything. As a result, I didn’t do any Christmas baking. It was so depressing. I’m so looking forward to it this year.  🙂

 2. Ugly Sweater Party!
My bff is hosting a Christmas themed ugly sweater party. I’ve found on at Value Village and I think it’s given me a case of Stockholm Syndrome. I’m not quite sure it’s ugly enough anymore.

3. Massage at Ten Spa.
I’ve always been a bit intimidated by Ten Spa as it’s arguably our fanciest spa in Winnipeg. I’ve booked a massage though for the week before Christmas. Very excited to check it out.

4. Shopping on Osbourne, Corydon & Academy
I love checking out the shops in these areas but I don’t often make the effort to do so. It’s perfect during the holidays though as the unique boutiques offer things you can’t find in a typical mall. Plus, I love getting all cold and then heading into the Second Cup on River &  Osbourne to relax, warm up and people watch.

5. Reading Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
I haven’t read since I was in high school. So glad our book club picked it for this month!

6. Watching Love Actually many, many times.
I just love this movie so much. It’s so rare to find a rom com that doesn’t annoy me and to have an ensemble cast that keeps it together. The American subplot is always a bit strange but I think they added it in to balance out the more heartbreaking storylines. How can you not love it?

8.  Ab Fab Christmas Special!

9. Christmas Cards
I absolutely love sending Christmas cards out to all my friends around the country and across the globe. I’m such a nerd that way. That reminds me, I better get started!

10. A New Winter Coat
Long, long overdue.

11. Rosetta Stone Italiano!
I ordered it on Cyber Monday. Now I’m super excited to get started. Have you tried their demo!? It’s unbelievable.

12. Taking the last two weeks of December to fit in all the above!!

 What are you looking forward to most this December?

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