Pretty Eats: Kelowna

I’m finally getting around to posting about my holiday. It was fantastic! I absolutely love eating out in the Rockies. Local restaurants in the mountains generally put a lot of emphasis on local & sustainable eats. Yums all around! My first stop was Kelowna. What a gorgeous city! Incredible. I would move there in an instant if it wasn’t so completely expensive! I spent a lot of time enjoying the gorgeous mountain views Unfortunately, I did not see Ogopogo, but I did find some fantastic places to eat.

Here’s my recommendations for the next time you find yourself in Kelowna:

For Breakfast:
Without a doubt, it’s the Bohemian Cafe & Catering Co. Everything is fresh and delicious. The decor is eclectic and interesting. It’s exactly what you’d expect a bohemian cafe to be like. I had the eggs florentine which was amazing. I hear their pancakes are terrific as well. For some reason their website is down but I’ll link for when it’s back up.

For Coffee:
Bliss Bakery is a gorgeous little bakery in Peachland right on Okanagan Lake. The cookies are delicious! It’s the perfect place to stop while out shopping.

For Dinner:
If you’re going to treat yourself, you have to go all out. The last night I was there, my friend & I headed to RauDz. RauDz stresses fresh and local foods. I just have to say everything was absolutely delicious.

Look! I took photos!


The way to my heart is through a fabulously made cocktail and this blackberry martini was just the ticket! RauDz makes all their own fruit syrups for their cocktails. Definitely worth the effort!

I neglected to take photos of the appetizers but we tried the bruschetta & the poutine. My friend also got the appetizer special which was coconut shrimp. 5 stars all around!

The main event:

I can’t stress enough how delicious this pasta was. There are no words. I think I will forever be trying to recreate this dish. There is nothing like fresh pasta, is there?



The next time I go (I’ve already invited myself back), I’m hoping to go a little later in the summer when the fruit is ripe. I’m also hoping to hit up some wineries. My friends’ daughter is just 3 months old so not the most appropriate outing.

Do you have any recommendations for what to check out in Kelowna? Let me know! I’ll check them out next summer!

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