Project: Granny Square Baby Blanket

My entire life I’ve wanted to learn how to knit & crochet. Every summer, my grandmother would show me how and I’d get going on a pretty quick little scarf. However, during the 8 hour drive back home, all my knowledge of knitting would fly right out of the window. I’d often get books from the library and start up all over again. Finally, last winter I decided to just get on with it. I took up knitting (again!) thanks to Stitch ‘n’ Bitch. I got the hang of it and then put down the needles to complete the biggest needlepoint of my life. Honestly, it took 2 1/2 years to complete.
January 6, 2011

The needlepoint for your interest. In the end, I got it framed at Michael’s and gave it to my grandmother as intended.

Anyway, I saw a couple of granny square blankets online and thought that would be the perfect beginner project. One of my closest friends was pregnant with her first child (girl) and so I strived to get it done for when I visited her in Kelowna. For once, a craft project was completed within a decent timeline! Using The Happy Hooker and a few YouTube videos, I was able to get the hang of granny squares. Somehow, I thought that putting together the squares would be easier than the squares themselves. Yeah, not so much. I mean, it was straight forward but it was time consuming.

Step 1: Make some granny squares!
Gemma's blanket (the beginning)

Step 2: Lay it out and stitch the squares together
Gemma's blanket (in progress)

Step 3: Add a couple rows of single crochet around the entire blanket to give it more of an edge.
Gemma's blanket (completed)

Things I’ve learned from this project:
1. I love crocheting more than knitting!
2. Yeah, let’s not leave all the loose ends to weave until the end.
3. Crochet is hard on the wrist if done for too long!
4. Once you make a blanket for one baby, everyone will want one!

Current Crochet Project: My cousin’s second baby’s blanket. This time, I’m doing a straight forward double crochet blanket straight from The Happy Hooker. It’s very cute in neopolitan ice cream colours: chocolate brown, white and the same bright pink as above.

3 thoughts on “Project: Granny Square Baby Blanket

  1. I tried knitting once and I thought it was really fun. I was going to knit a Harry Potter scarf but then I moved and never resumed knitting so I don’t even remember how to do it. I had a lot of fun with it though and I want to get back into it. Your projects look really cool!

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