5 Things: Greyhound Survival Guide

Tomorrow morning I depart to Kelowna, BC to visit friends. The trip will take approximately 36 hours. Yikes. It seems ridiculous to post another survival guide but I feel it’s a must. By the way, camping went great and the cinnamon buns were delish! I definitely recommend that recipe.

I’m an experienced Greyhound passenger. However, 36 hours will beat my personal best of 26 hours. Here’s what I’m bringing to make the time fly by:

1. Packed lunch – Ok so I’ve turned into my grandmother. The truth is that the last bus trip I took, the moved all the stops so I was stuck on the outskirts of the city at no name gas stations. All they had to eat was chips and pop. I’m not making that mistake again. I’m bringing granola bars, grapes, peaches, sandwiches, pretzels and water. If I feel like a pop or chips I’ll pick them up.

2. My ipod touch – It’s safe to say this will be on each and every survival guide I do. I’ve loaded it up with a couple of audiobooks from our eLibrary. I have to say the available books were disappointing but since I get car sick while reading, it’ll have to do.

3. Magazines! I was good this time and waited to buy the latest UK Glamour & Cosmo until today. I’m very much looking forward to flipping through them.

4. An actual book – So I have something to read during layovers.

5. Baby Blanket – Still have some crochet to do

Bonus: Change of socks and underwear along with various toiletries. – It’s a must. It really helps to break up the days. Besides, nothing’s worse than showing up somewhere feeling gross. I mean, it’s going to happen but it helps if you can spruce up a bit beforehand.

After Kelowna, I’m heading back to Banff to meet up with some old friends (I used to live out there) and then up to Edmonton to visit my brother. I’m looking forward to taking lots of pics to share with you all when I return.

Talk to you soon!

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