Out & About : Assiniboine Park Gardens

On Saturday, I took advantage of being up early and headed across the city to the Assiniboine Park. The park is adjacent to the Assiniboine Zoo and Assiniboine Forest. My goal was to check out the gardens and the brand new Butterfly Garden. I have a tendancy to only go in the spring or fall and then I miss all the flowers!

I was delighted to see a herb garden outside of the Star Grill in the Conservatory. Puts my little herb planter to shame. DSC01174
Think of all the pesto you can make with all this basil!
 Now in the English Gardens: Peonies! My all time absolute favourite.
I was thrilled that the lilacs were still out. They’re in a shady spot so they hung on longer than most. Doesn’t look like they’ll be here much longer! I love that you can smell them before you can see them.
Poppies! I didn’t know they could get so big! The blossoms would take up both hands for sure.
At the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden: Lily pads! Don’t you just love them? They’re just so magical to me.
Blurry shot of some bells. So pretty!
I love dragonflies so I was thrilled to see a lot of them on my walk. Keeps the mosquitos away!
‘The Boy with The Boot’ is famous around here because it often seems to be the victim of pranks. He has been stolen before. Poor kid.
This was in the conservatory. I don’t know what it is. It just looked cool.
I love stuff like this. Not sure if you can see but it’s a little door and there’s a line of laundry above it. It’s a make believe fort. Very Peter Pan and the lost boys. Very cute.DSC01198
So where are the butterflies?! When I got home I did some research and it turns out they’re in the zoo not the gardens like I originally thought. Definitely have a reason to return now! 


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